Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Masks Optional as of February 16

As of Wednesday February 16, following the guidelines of the Contra Costa Health Department, please be advised Flying Colors will be allowing shop visitors to enter without a mask.

We do ask those not yet vaccinated to continue wearing a mask, and we strongly urge anyone feeling ANY symptoms to please respect the health of the rest of us by staying home!

While lifting the mask mandate for most businesses is a very positive sign in our collective progress against COVID, we will remain vigilant with our cleaning and sanitizing to protect the health of our staff and our customers.

The county health department is following the lead of the California state health department in relaxing mask mandates in many (though not all) situations. After talking with many of our FlyCo Faithful and seeing how difficult it would be to police the wearing of masks--- demanding mask wearing even when the state and county health officials don't--- we opted to follow state and local health guidelines.

The choice is still there for anyone more comfortable by continuing to wear a mask even when it is not required by state and local officials.

Thank you for being respectful of others.
And, as always, thank you for shopping at Flying Colors Comics!

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