Monday, June 21, 2010


In the photo above is cartoonist and Captain Four-Color co-creator Jeff Bonivert with Flying Colors Retailing Brigade members Andy, Mike and Susie.

These cool new shirts are available now EXCLUSIVELY at Flying Colors. And they're going fast, so get here soon for the best selection!

Youth and Adult sizes available--- just $9.99 each ($13.99 for XXL).

Come & get 'em!



Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Neil Young's GREENDALE is now a Graphic Novel!

Legendary singer-songwriter, musician and activist Neil Young brings one of his most personal albums, GREENDALE, to comics in this amazing hardcover graphic novel. 

Writer Joshua Dysart (UNKNOWN SOLDIER) and  artist Cliff Chiang (HUMAN TARGET) compose a graphic novel that explores a whole new dimension to the album that Rolling Stone voted as one of the best of its year (2003).  

GREENDALE, the graphic novel, hits the racks on Wednesday June 9 as part of New Releases' Day at 
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