Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

ITEM: First, last and always--- THANK YOU for supporting Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff with your business and enthusiasm all these years!

ITEM: You do know that SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27 we'll be hosting artist DAN BRERETON to showcase his new art book called "THE GODDESS & THE MONSTER"? Dan will be here at 2PM... and you should, too!

ITEM: If by some stroke of inconvenience or just plain bad luck you haven't yet received our latest e-mail newsletter, Flying Colors In-Frequent E-Flyer, click on the link and get the scoop on the COOL DEALS we'll have in-store for you this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

ITEM: Lastly, THANK YOU!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope to see you very soon in Flying Colors!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be Here Saturday November 27th!

Saturday November 27... two days after Thanksgiving,
Flying Colors will be proud to once again host our long-time friend and fantastically talented comic artist/painter DANIEL BRERETON.

Dan's new art book called "The Goddess and The Monster" has just been released. It's a beautiful full-color art book encompassing Dan's nearly 25 year career (so far!). The book even includes a short piece that I wrote, along with Dan's amazing cover called "Age of Wonder" that he did for our 10th Anniversary Special back in 1998.

So be here on Saturday November 27 at 2PM for Dan's visit here. He'll be happy to sign your books... he'll likely do some sketches and give encouragement to young artists, too. Flying Colors will serve some refreshments, too.

It's always a good time when Dan comes to Flying Colors... lots of great art, stories and even something of a family reunion since Dan spent a good chunk of his younger years in Contra Costa County. So join us Saturday November 27---it'll be an excellent time to pick up on some cool gifts for the comic art lovers you know!

Saturday November 27 also is the first-ever "SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY" sponsored by American Express.
What is "Small Business Saturday"?  
"First there was Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. This year, November 27th is the first ever Small Business Saturday, a day to support the local businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country. Small Business Saturday is a national movement to drive shoppers to local merchants across the U.S." More than a dozen advocacy, public and private organizations have already joined American Express OPEN, the company’s small business unit, in declaring the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday."


Go HERE to get to the "Small Business Saturday" Facebook page and learn even more about the event.



Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Releases posted...

... every week on the Flying Colors Fan Brigade, Facebook Fan page... right HERE!

Hope to see you Flying Colors!



Saturday, November 06, 2010

Flying Colors/ Savage Dragon Limited Exclusive...

... is available DIRECT from Flying Colors Comics! No need to search online auction houses or mail order companies when this cool and EXCLUSIVE cover is available from the source!

A limited number of signed copies are available via mail order from Flying Colors for those who were not able to make it to our event with Savage Dragon artist/writer Erik Larsen last week. For mail orders, Flying Colors is also supplying a BONUS with every order!

Send your inquiries to



Friday, November 05, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010

Notes & Photos!

ITEM: A BIG "Thank You!" to everyone who came out for our 22nd Anniversary event with Erik Larsen, Jeff Bonivert and 7 year-old artist Isaiah Rajeski.

Erik, Jeff and Isaiah signed lots of copies of Savage Dragon #165 for fans and family, and Jeff singed quite a few copies of Captain Four-Color's first comics' appearance in Flying Colors 20th Anniversary Special Edition comic book. 

(Photo on the top right: Erik and Jeff pose with Peter Pan and Batgirl, two of the cool costumes we say here Saturday!)

(Second photo on the right: Isaiah Rajeski ---in the middle with his brother and sister, show their pride at his first published pin-up in Savage Dragon #165. Nice going, Isaiah!)

ITEM: Please join us at Flying Colors on Wednesday November 3 at 4PM for another cool event--- the creative team behind Image Comics' new and original graphic novel PUG will be here to sign their work and talk about PUG. Writer Derek McCulloch and artists Greg Espinosa and Shepherd Hendrix will be here--- so you be here, too, hear?

ITEM: As part of our event this past Saturday, we featured a selection of DEEP DISCOUNT graphic novels and books at 50%, 60% and 75% off! Lots of folks found some spectacular deals and undiscovered gems in the DEEP DISCOUNT book boxes, so we've decided to extend that special sale through Thursday November 4.

ITEM: We have more pix and videos from Halloween weekend posted at our Flying Colors' Facebook Fan page. And even if you're not a fan of Facebook, you can still view the pix and vids there! Hit this link!

Remember, more comics & other cool stuff are on the way and will be ready to go when we open on Wednesday morning.