Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Flying Colors on Shopify!

Just a quick reminder:

Flying Colors Comics has a Shopify page featuring a limited number of our exclusive items.

As the holiday season gets closer, this could be an easy way to get and give Flying Colors gift cards, postcards, and exclusive FlyCo comics.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Thank you!

Huge thanks to everyone who made it out to Flying Colors for Free Comic Book Day!

We hope you found some new favorite comics you'll want more of in the weeks and months ahead!

Special thanks to the ever awesome FlyCo Retailing Brigade --- our current staff and staff alumni coming back to celebrate comics' biggest day with us!

In the photo here from left:
Jon, Aidan, Mike, Jenny, FlyCoJoe & Libby, Casey, Leticia, Cyrus, Dylan, Chad and Marty!

More big thanks to our FCBD Special Guests --- artists Brandon McKinney, John Hageman and Mel Smith!

More good times are always on the way at Flying Colors Comics!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


We invite you to be here Saturday August 14 for the 20th Annual FREE Comic Book Day at Flying Colors!

Our Special Guests from 10 Ton Press are publisher Mel Smith (Rock n Roll Biographies), cartoonist John Hageman (Charley & Humphrey) and artist/animator Brandon McKinney (Red Dawn).

Our guests will be with us from at least 11AM - 2PM (who knows how much later?).

Along with our current staff, we'll be welcoming back some of our Flying Colors Retailing Brigade alumni to help make the day fun and run even more smoothly.

Hopefully Helpful Hints for FCBD at Flying Colors

* HOT! Saturday August 14 the weather forecast is for temps into the high 90s. Please be prepared for that with sunscreen and water.

* KEEP IT MOVING! We'll do our best to keep the line moving as quickly as possible, but we also must limit how many people are in the shop at any given time. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep things moving.

* KEEP CLEAR! While in line, please keep the entrances and exits of other shops in Oak Grove Plaza clear and accessible.

* FOOD & BEVERAGES! Consider having lunch or a beverage at one of these Oak Grove Plaza spots: Ozora Sushi, Chipotle, Mona's Burgers & Shakes, Jimmy John's, Round Table Pizza, Peet's Coffee, Captain's Chest. (Please note: Flying Colors will not be serving any snacks or beverages)

* MASK UP! Remember to bring your mask! Masks are required inside Flying Colors. We may not have any spare masks, so please bring your own! You will not be allowed in the shop without a mask. (We hate being the Mask Police. *sigh*)

* LIMIT! Each attendee at Flying Colors on FCBD will be able to choose three different FCBD comics. In addition, you can get one copy of the 10 Ton Press FCBD special edition comic available ONLY at the guest table.

* ONE TIME ONLY! To give more people a chance to get their free comics more quickly, we kindly ask you to only go through the line once!

* VISIT YOUR LIBRARY! More free comics will be available at Contra Costa County Library events the week of August 16. For more info, visit this link.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Special Guests at Flying Colors for Free Comic Book Day!

What: 20th Annual Free Comic Book Day!
When: Saturday August 14, 11AM-7PM
Where: Flying Colors Comics (of course!)

We're thrilled to welcome our Special Guests to Flying Colors for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday August 14!

Our special guests have long and varied careers in art, design, comics and animation... and all three are featured in the FCBD special edition comic "10 Tons of Fun" from 10 Ton Press!
Brandon McKinney's art can be seen in RED DAWN, featured in the FCBD 2021 special edition from 10 Ton Press.
In Brandon's 30+ year career, he has worked as a storyboard artist for television animation (Harley Quinn among many others), as a comic book artist (Journeyman, Godzilla, Jackie Chan, Elfquest) and children’s book illustrator. Brandon's resume includes work for Warner Bros., Hasbro Animation, Marvel Animation, Darby Pop Comics, Warp Graphics, Dark Horse Comics, Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm, and a lot more!


Mel Smith is the mastermind behind the popular Rock and Roll Biography series from Acme Ink, plus other series including Dead Ahead, 7 Lives of Dr. Phibes, Death Race: Lords of the Road, Heavy Metal, Vincent Price Presents--- and the new series Becoming Frankenstein, featured in the 10 Ton Press FCBD 2021 special edition.


John Hageman is an artist and publisher for 10 Ton Press. He hails from the verdant and majestic hills of the East Bay, wandering California and spreading mirth through comic books. John is currently drawing the adventures of classic KTVU Fox 2 characters from the crazy mind of Pat McCormick--- Bay Area favorites Charley & Humphrey!

Get a taste of Charley & Humphrey in "10 Tons of Fun" the FCBD special edition comic.

These guests will be signing at Flying Colors on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday August 14 from 11AM until 2PM.



Friday, July 30, 2021

Please wear your mask!

Please note:

Masks are required for shopping inside Flying Colors Comics.

While we'd love the COVID era to be forever in the past, wearing masks inside is the strongest recommendation from California's public health officer.

We'll continue to do what we need to for the health and safety of our FlyCo Faithful and our FlyCo Retailing Brigade.

Thanks for understanding.

Monday, July 19, 2021

A little Flying Colors history (and logo design)

In the beginning
(actually before the beginning!)

Did you know the original concept for Flying Colors was going to be called Heroes Corner? It's true.

Way back in the mid '80s when ideas were being formulated for the Field family comic book business, the first idea was to do a combination comic book shop and old time '50s soda fountain.

Once we took a look at the actual costs of doing that grand plan, we summarily ditched it. At the time, it likely would have added another $100K to our opening and operating costs. And just think of trying to keep comics in nice shape with all that sticky ice cream around!

I can hear someone asking "Is this comic mint?"
"No, but it has a little chocolate on it..."

Long story short, here are a couple of the earliest (and rejected) logo ideas for Flying Colors Comics, the Superstore of Comics & More! These logos are amateurish to say the least, but there's a lot of energy that went into every bit of the business that became Flying Colors.

So why did we name the shop Flying Colors? The term "passing the test in flying colors" means to do everything top-notch and with distinction. There's a nautical history behind the phrase and it comes from a time when ships would return from battle with their "colors" (another word for flags) flying to show victory was achieved.

As a comics reference, "flying colors" is a subtle way to refer to the colorful costumes worn by super-heroes with the power to fly... hence, "Flying Colors."

We try to do everything the best way we can with the hopes of winning your loyalty and business as Flying Colors Faithful... and you can still get your ice cream next door at Baskin Robbins!

We thank you for continuing to be supportive of what we do here to bring a world class comics shop to Concord, to Contra Costa County... and to the Cosmos!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Masks Required at Flying Colors

Following the recommendation of Bay Area health officials---

Masks are once again REQUIRED for entry to Flying Colors Comics.

It's not a big ask...
Wear Your Mask!

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Wednesday June 30... The Masks Come Off at Flying Colors!

Wednesday June 30 the masks come OFF at Flying Colors!

* If you feel more comfortable and cautious wearing a mask, keep on wearing your mask!

* If you only want to be around others who are masked, we are setting aside Thursday as “Mask Day” at Flying Colors, just to give everyone options.

* If you feel sick or feverish or you are exhibiting allergy symptoms that may make you seem unhealthy, please be courteous and STAY HOME!

Flying Colors Curbside Comic Service is still available.
Watch the video HERE!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

A Cool Deal for Shopping Local!

In a bold move to Keep Local Dollars Local, our City of Concord is offering a new round of SHOP CONCORD giftcards. 

When you buy SHOP CONCORD giftcards, it's a great way to save $$ at Flying Colors Comics... and many other favorite local shops & restaurants.

Buy a $50 giftcard and get a $25 bonus giftcard!
(Hint: That's like buying a 30% discount at Flying Colors!Yowza!)

This special offer is limited, so get your SHOP CONCORD giftcards now!

Hit this link to get your giftcards