Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Halloween craziness at FLYING COLORS!
This is the 20th Halloween we've been open here---and it's the first time I was coerced into costuming for the day. Just for the record, the last time I was in costume for Halloween was back in 1968. I might have been a pirate then, I can't was that long ago.

But since we've also been in the midst of the biggest back-issue BLOW-OUT in FlyCo history, and it's also New Releases' Day...well, let's just say it was a classic Triple Witching Hour.

Check out these pix from the day...visits by a wide array of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes...and a couple of villains, too.
Maybe the oddest costume choice came from long-time FlyCo Faithful Paul Klepacz...who dared to bring his FlyCoJoe mask. It was truly frightening!
We've blown out thousands and thousands of back issue comics here over the last week. Rest assured, this was an event to simply clear the decks, stir the pot, have some fun (at our expense) and to blow out some stock so we could refresh it in the days and weeks ahead.

FLYING COLORS is here for the long haul..and we hope you will be, too.

Thanks---and Halloween Peace!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Now that my web-guru Alan Alvaro has solved the Mystery of the Blog Drag, I can finally show you these pix from the recent GENESIS concerts Libby and I took in at the HP Pavilion in San Jose and Arco Arena in Sacramento.

These shows were a big deal for us as long-time fans of the world's most successful progressive rockers (and pop meisters).

Being the first live performances by GENESIS with Phil Collins in nearly 15 years, the shows were a big deal for fans all over the world, as the sold-out tour will attest (more than half million tickets sold!)
The stage set-up was brilliant---the sound system, especially in San Jose, was powerful and sparkling.

And the set list featured a strong mix of old ('70s) and newer ('90s) songs to satisfy everyone.