Saturday, May 29, 2021

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Friday, May 14, 2021

FlyCoJoe's Birthday Musings

It's my birthday. Woo-hoo to the 65th power! 

As kids we're all asked that question "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

And like most kids, my answer to that question changed somewhat often.

At my youngest, I wanted to be a baseball player. But as much as I loved to play, that wasn't in the cards.

When I was six, about the age in the photo here taken for my first grade photo at Santa Maria School, I wanted to be an astronaut. I think every kid wanted that during the era when John Glenn made his flight on Friendship. Look at the photo again... I even had John Glenn's haircut!

For a short time, I wanted to be a doctor. I think that had to do with all the medical shows on TV and how the lead characters were smart and caring.

From the time I was 12, I wanted to go into radio or TV. I still have dreams about being a TV game show host.

I did wind up going into radio on the sales/marketing side, but I really wanted to be on the talent side. Didn't help that my voice didn't really mature until way too late.

And as much as I have always really enjoyed comics, I never thought about being a comic book retailer!

I didn't even think about being a husband or a dad until Libby and I fell in love... and those two roles are much more vocations than mere jobs.

The thing is, life just doesn't travel on a straight line from dreams to reality. 


Life experiences move us on curves through time from who we were to who we are.

Each of those ideas about my future seem to reflect something of who I am.

* The baseball player represents tradition, as my dad passed his love of the game on to me and my brother. 


*The astronaut is my adventurous and daring side (the most daring thing I've done is started a business when everyone told me there was no future in it).

*The doctor represents my care for others and maybe the need inside me to be something of a leader.

*The radio/TV/ game show host combination is my humorous side. I've always loved to entertain myself and others, making them laugh... making them feel happier.

All those qualities of the dreams I had of what I might do as an adult are parts of who I am as a husband and father, entrepreneur and friend.

Sure, it's my birthday, but I want to wish everyone reading this heaping doses of happiness. 


Now let's all hope there are a lot more healthy birthdays to celebrate! 


--- FlyCoJoe