Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Copious batches of new comics and other cool stuff will hit the shelves at Flying Colors on Friday January 2 at 11AM. We'll be open on Friday until 8PM for New Releases Day.

From the whole Retailing Brigade at Flying Colors---
*Melissa (aka "Super-Wit")
*Leticia (aka "Super Skrull PhD!")
*Marty (aka "Blond Bear")
*Andy (aka "Sir Soul Crusher")
*Mike (aka "Dr. Literal")
*Libby (aka "The Caring Crusader")
*FlyCoJoe (shhhh, he's Captain Four-Color)

Thank you for helping us meet the challenges of '08 with your patronage and your presence here at Flying Colors. we look forward to continue serving you the best in comics entertainment in the New Year.

We send you our wishes for a super-powered 2008, full of love and laughter and massive stacks of the coolest comics and graphic novels ever!



Friday, December 26, 2008

Among FlyCoJoe's favorite gifts this year...

I got an e-mail this morning. Here it is:

Dear Sirs,

Just wanted to say thank you for supporting our soldiers. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and have just received a copy of Ultimate Spiderman! I have been an avid collector of Spiderman for some years now and getting an issue of Spiderman made my day.

Just wanted to say thanks and hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a good holiday season.

I've withheld the name of the soldier who wrote this e-mail to us, since I haven't cleared it with him. However, I do want to thank the East Bay Blue Star Moms for allowing Flying Colors Comics to take part in their initiative to get care packages to 4000 soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I appreciate the sacrifice and the commitment of our soldiers, so donating thousands of comic books was just our little way of pitching in to try to bring a little "home" to soldiers serving in harm's way.

A big four-color Flying Colors' salute to you all! We thank you for your service and look forward to your safe return!



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Cool Yule!

FLYING COLORS will be CLOSED on Thursday December 25 for the Christmas Holiday. We'll be back in action on Friday at 11AM.

From the whole Flying Colors Retailing Brigade and the Field Family, we send our warmest wishes for a happy holiday simply wrapped in love.


(The photo is from the Field house in Moraga circa 1966. A golden age, indeed.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flying Colors OPEN 10AM-6PM on Christmas Eve, Wed. 12/24

...and it's also NEW RELEASES' DAY!

New comics, graphic novels and other cool stuff will be on the racks and ready to go at 10AM!



Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Idea for BUFFY Fans!

Flying Colors just received a new item that die-hard BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER fans will love!

Scratch that. Today, Flying Colors received THREE new items that media hounds, wanna-be writers and fans of BUFFY, LOST and HEROES will really love.

It's a series of DVD interviews you won't find in video stores ---or many other stores for that matter. Each DVD contains a full hour-long interview with a top Hollywood writer.

Volume One features JOSS WHEDON, mastermind behind BUFFY, ANGEL, FIREFLY and Astonishing X-MEN.

Volume Two features DAMON LINDELHOF, head writer and producer of the TV series LOST (as well as the oft- and long-delayed comic series ULTIMATE HULK VS WOLVERINE.

Volume Three features TIM KRING, Pittsburg CA native and the creator of the TV phenomenon HEROES, as well as CROSSING JORDAN.

Each DVD is only $12.99, perfect to stuff into your favorite fan's stocking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Flying Colors Holiday Hours:
Monday Dec 22, 11am-7pm
Tuesday Dec 23, 11am-7pm
Wednesday Dec 24, 10am-6pm (New Releases Day!)

Thursday Dec 25, Christmas Day, CLOSED

Friday Dec 26, 11am-7pm
Saturday Dec 27, 11am-7pm
Sunday Dec 28, 11am-7pm
Monday Dec 29, 11am-7pm
Tuesday Dec 30, 11am-7pm
Wednesday Dec 31, 11am-6pm

Thursday Jan 1, CLOSED

Friday Jan 2, 11am-8pm (New Releases Day!)

Hope to see you soon!



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More News & Notes!

Flying Colors is one of the few stores on the West Coast to stock the otherwise very popular TOON TUMBLERS, glasses featuring favorite comic characters. Flying Colors just recently received a new shipment of these cool and inexpensive gift items, so for all you looking for a nostalgic throwback to the days of collecting Slurpee cups and glasses from Taco Bell--or maybe you're just looking for a very cool drinking glass, come and get 'em!

ITEM: With Christmas approaching fast, we want to give you the heads-up about our schedule here in Flying Colors. Our shop, our store, our little comics mecca will be open regular hours --- 11am-7pm everyday, with the following exceptions:

Wednesday December 16 we'll be open until 8pm for New Releases Day.
Wednesday December 24, Christmas Eve is also a New Releases Day and we'll open one hour early and close a little early, going from 10am-6pm.
Wednesday December 31 there will not be New Releases and we will be open from 11am-6pm.

ITEM: FlyCoJoe gets lots of questions from visitors to our store about comic specialty stores in other parts of the U.S. As the currently-serving president of the comic book specialty retailers trade association called ComicsPRO, I'll refer you to our members' list as a good source of finding some of the very best comic shops in North America. Check our member list HERE!

ITEM: FlyCoJoe has had a couple of requests (sadly not very many at all) asking if his KRON-TV appearance will be posted here or to YouTube anytime soon. Well, it all depends on how fast one of my DVD dubbing crew comes in to take up that task. Meanwhile, we'll show you an unfocused shot of KRON newscaster and weekend morning show host Magnificent Marty Gonzalez and FlyCoJoe on the KRON set.

ITEM: On a more personal note, FlyCoJoe would like to thank the many wonderful friends who wrote him to share their condolences on the passing of FlyCoJoe's lovely and amazing Mom, who lived a long (eternally 18!) and beautiful life. It's been a difficult last couple of months, but I can still feel her love all the way from the Eternal There to the ephemeral here.



Friday, December 12, 2008

News & Notes!

ITEM: Tune in to KRON-TV 4 this Sunday morning December 14 [UPDATE! The interview is now scheduled for approximately 8:40 AM---set your TiVo!] for a segment on comics, hosted by Marty Gonzalez and Ysabel Duron. FlyCoJoe will be live in the KRON studio to talk with Marty and Ysabel about the comics' business and highlights of the cool stuff available for Christmas gift-giving. Please tune in!

ITEM: Remember those great bargains we featured during our recent sale? Well, we recently came across a stash of cool stuff that totally fits the bill for adding to those bargain boxes. A special selection of ACTION FIGURES are just $3.99 each or 3/$9.99! T-SHIRTS are $5.99 or 2/$10! Plus one-of-a-kind pricing on some toys, statues and busts!

ITEM: Have you been in to pick up one of the new exclusive FLYING COLORS' 2009 wall calendars? Measuring 11"x34", these calendars feature 2009's "red letter days"--- noting the New Release Days for the whole year, highlighting FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (first Saturday in May, y'all!), and featuring some of your favorite super-heroes. Teachers and librarians: if you would like a stack of these to give away in your classrooms and/or libraries, please let FlyCoJoe or any one of the FlyCo Retailing Brigade members know and we'll reserve a pile of these poster-calendars for you!



Sunday, December 07, 2008


For those of you who missed The JEFF SMITH Event at Flying Colors on Saturday, here are a few shots from Jeff's visit here.

First up, Friday was FlyCo Libby's birthday. So we went to dinner at La Havana in Walnut Creek for some amazing Cuban food and mojitos.

Jeff did a cool and quick sketch of Smiley Bone on the paper place-mat for Libby and she asked him to be here for every one of her birthdays from now on!

Flying Colors Retailing Brigade Senior Staff Mike Fantastic asked Jeff for an unusual sketch request: Marvel's MODOK mashed with a BONE character.
Jeff analyzed a little reference (the "Super-Villain Team-Up trade paperback from Marvel) and came up with a piece that had Mike floating... not quite like MODOK, but close. I wonder if the International Journal of MODOK Studies would be interested in this one? Next time: Kingdok meets MODOK!

And FlyCo Retailing Brigade Junior Staffer Melissa danced with Jeff after receiving her own Smith original.

Maybe that's not dancing... but after studying the photo, that's all I could think of to call it. Sort of like PEANUTS dancing, only to a John Mayer song.

Before Jeff sat down to officially start the signing, he took some time to hang out with his legion of fans who showed up for the Flying Colors event.

I was awed by how smooth things went, how Jeff made each of his fans feel very special, asking them questions, answering theirs, sketching in almost every graphic novel he signed. I know I won't forget how generous Jeff was here with his time and talent!

Fone Bone gets all patriotic and hoists the flag in this specially requested sketch.

Many of Jeff's fans came from a long distance to get to the Flying Colors' event. I recall hearing people say they came from Chico (three hours drive), Santa Maria (four hours plus), Fullerton (seven hours minimum), San Diego (eight, nine hours?). Well, I hope you all had a good time and will spread the love for Flying Colors!

Toward the end of the event, we took this shot.
That's my Flying Colors Retailing Brigade --- Mike Fantastic ("Dr. Literal"), Andy ("Sir Soul-Crusher"), Marty ("The Blond Bear"), Leticia ("Super-Skrull PhD") and Melissa ("Super-Wit!"), and FlyCoJoe. FlyCo Libby (aka "The Caring Crusader") attended the first part of the event, before her super-powers started to wane from her recent surgery.

In the last shot here, long-time FlyCo Faithful Paul and Ronna get their RASL issues signed, and get a Jeff Smith peace sign as a bonus!

OK, so you've seen BONE sketches, you've seen Jeff Smith carousing with fans, staff and the FlyCo Executive Team (uh, Libby and I), but we haven't mentioned yet the WORLD PREMIER of Jeff's new series in a stunning new collection called RASL Volume One: The DRIFT.

By special arrangement, Flying Colors asked Jeff Smith to sign more of the limited edition exclusive bookplates for RASL Volume One and BONE Volume 9: CROWN of HORNS. If you would like to place and advance order for either (or both!) of these items, please let us know. Flying Colors also has a short supply of bookplate editions of SHAZAM: MONSTER SOCIETY of EVIL hardcover that Jeff did for DC Comics.

These are limited to a first-come, first-served basis, so don't miss this chance to own the bookplate editions of these cool JEFF SMITH books. Need I say that these would make terrific holiday gifts?

Check out Jeff's site at
And thanks to Charles Brownstein and the whole team at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for sponsoring the auction that brought Jeff Smith to Flying Colors. Donate to the CBLDF at
And since I'm plugging away, the auction was exclusively directed to comic specialty retailers who are also members of ComicsPRO, the retailer trade and advocacy group.

Thanks to all of you who showed up. When you get the chance, we'd love to hear your stories from the event.

And thanks to Jeff and his team at Cartoon Books--- Vijaya, Kathleen, Steve, Tom and the crew for helping us the put this whole thing together.

Hey, Jeff--- Let's not wait another 15 years until you're here again, OK?



Thursday, December 04, 2008

The JEFF SMITH Event: Be Here!

The JEFF SMITH Event on Saturday is shaping up to be a great time for everyone.

This will be Jeff's only comic store signing for quite some time, so I hope you make the effort to come in to meet one of the brightest and most successful cartoonists in the biz.

Did you know more than FOUR MILLION copies of BONE are now in print? In a business in which "successful" collected editions of comics sell in the low thousands, 4,000,000 is a staggering number--- and it shows just how wide and deep the fan base is for BONE and for Jeff's work.

Have you read RASL yet? Going 180 degrees away from BONE, RASL is a sci-fi thriller for older readers with action and intrigue as we learn more about the dimension-hopping art thief.

Also in stock are the BONE tie-in volumes that sadly don't get as much press or attention as the main BONE series, but provide great entertainment and important back-story to the BONE Saga. Check out ROSE, the story of Granma Ben when she was a young princess, stunningly painted by the amazing Charles Vess; and STUPID STUPID RAT TALES, a hilarious look at the rat creatures that infest the BONE-scape.

One more recommendation: SHAZAM: Monster Society of Evil, a Captain marvel story drawn and written by Jeff Smith....and recommended for all ages! Flying Colors will also have a limited edition book-plate for SHAZAM.

If by chance you can't make it in on Friday to get one of the advance Priority Signing Packages (see below), the Jeff Smith Event will not be starting until noon on Saturday, so you will be able to get the packages from 11am-noon in the store before the signing begins.

Hope to see you here!



Monday, December 01, 2008

Now that we've posted the details of the Priority Packages for the JEFF SMITH event here at Flying Colors on Dec. 6, we've received a few questions. So here are some answers:

Q: I don't live anywhere close to Concord CA, so I won't be able to attend the event. Can I still get the limited edition Jeff Smith-signed bookplates?

A: Yes! While we will be giving priority to those who attend the event, we are going to make an effort to handle some requests for Jeff Smith's fans that can't make it to the the event at Flying Colors. After looking over the "Priority Signing Package" (posted yesterday) to decide which books you'd like, then submit your requests to "coolstuff@flyingcolorscomics".

Q: When is RASL Volume 1:The Drift due to come out? And BONE Volume 9:Crown of Horns?

A:You ask good questions! RASL Vol 1 will be making its World Premier here on December 6---however we will only have a preview copy to show off. Jeff Smith is having the overseas printer send us that copy. We'll then have our full shipment of RASL Vol 1 in before Christmas, so any orders for that book will be filled first with the signed bookplate on Dec 6, then the book itself a couple of weeks later.

As for BONE Volume 9, that is not due to come out until late January, but pre-selling them is the best way to make sure that those buying our Priority Signing Packages can get something new. Of course, we will also gladly supply copies of all of Jeff Smith's BONE, RASL and SHAZAM books to everyone! And we'll have a good supply of earlier volumes of BONE and SHAZAM here in-store on Saturday December 6.

Q: Do you expect a big crowd for the Jeff Smith event?

A: While we hope legions of Jeff's fans are able to attend, we never "expect" a crowd. We do prepare for a potential crowd, and we hope we'll have enough of Jeff's books for everyone who wants one that day. But word to the wise--- the best way to make that happen is for each of Jeff's fans to pre-buy one of the Priority Signing Packages.


(oh, while I've got you, take a look at the left of this screen, below the links for other spots on this site you'll find a sing-up for our e-newsletter--- the Flying Colors (in)Frequent E-Flyer. As the name implies, we don't send 'em out regularly, but when we do we will make exclusive offers, give you some heads-up on what's going on in FlyCo Land and the Comicsphere. No, we don't sell the names on our e-list to anyone, so feel secure that we'll keep it pure!)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still some great deals to be had...

Our two-day sale event went so well. Thanks to all who came out for it!

Still, even after blowing out tons of comics, graphic novels and other cool , stuff over the last two days, Flying Colors is still stocked with the area's best selection of comics-related stuff.

Two of our unannounced specials --- ones not even listed on our in-store sale menu --- are the rock-bottom prices on a selection of action figures and t-shirts. So I've decided to keep those going for at least another couple of days.

You can score two t-shirts for just $10--- or three action figures for just $9.99, while our special selection lasts.

Also, we still have a select few statues and busts on deep discount, from 35-50% (and a couple at more than that even!)

Please shop Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 11am-7pm.

Peace 'n' left-over pumpkin pie!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jeff Smith Event is Saturday Dec 6!

Here's the info on getting a priority signing package for the Jeff Smith event coming to Flying Colors on Saturday December 6.

Please come on in today to get your priority signing package for this exclusive event!



Don't Miss These Special Events!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Saturday is "America Unchained" a campaign from AMIBA (American Independent Business Association), reminding all consumers how important it is to shop at locally owned small businesses.

Independent (read that "non-chain"!) stores are the backbone of our economy. These days, as business is more challenging everywhere, I hope you'll take this Saturday, November 22, to shop and support only independent businesses and leave the chain stores behind for just a day (and then the next day, and the next...)

At Flying Colors, we'll have a FREE something for the first 100 shoppers at our store on Saturday, just to get you into the spirit of "America Unchained".

Also this Saturday November 22 from 10Am-2PM, cartoonist JB Bonivert and I will be at one of my favorite holiday stops, the ever-elegant ORCHARD NURSERY & FLORIST at 4010 Mt. Diablo Blvd in Lafayette.

We'll be giving away comics to kids and we'll also be signing Flying Colors 20th Anniversary Special comic book.

And why you ask, will we be making an appearance at a nursery and florist? Well, Orchard is famous for their display of decorated Christmas trees--- and this year, Orchard Nursery is featuring a comic-book themed tree. Hope to see you there!



Monday, November 17, 2008

1980 Tom Beland Sketchbook Surfaces

Earlier today a gentleman named Jeb stopped by Flying Colors ask a few questions about an "art object" he had found.

It's a Tom "True Story Swear To God" Beland sketchbook from 1980. I'm still not 100% sure if Jeb wants to sell this book, or whether this is something that would hold a great deal of sentimental value for Tom Beland.

But it's a cool item, regardless, as it gives us a look into the pre-history of a cartoonist and writer that has only found some acclaim in the last couple of years.

Being that this sketchbook is close to 30 years old, it shows where Tom was as a cartoonist at that time--- aping two of the most popular syndicated cartoonists of that time, Lynn Johnston of "For Better or For Worse" fame and Garry "Doonesbury" Trudeau, listening to Kenny Loggins, Dan Fogelberg and Barry Manilow, while also trying to find his voice and style as a gag writer/cartoonist.

The hardcover, plain brown sketchbook is full of maybe 100 or so pages of one-panel gags, poems and/or song lyrics, and random doodles. I know Tom has done many of these over the years, but this one really looks to me like a "cartoonist origin story", some very early stuff that die-hard fans might love, but that Tom might either miss dearly or seriously cringe if he ever saw it again.

(Hey, Tom! Are you reading this? I know you let this book go at one time, but are you interested in having it back again? Or should Jeb put this on the market and see what he can get for it?)

Comments, anyone?



Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stan's Soapbox Benefits Hero Initiative!

Hey, heroes! I want to call attention to this short video featuring Stan "the Man" Lee, promoting the release of "STAN'S SOAPBOX: The Collection", a trade paperback compiling all of Smilin' Stan's editorial pieces from the famed Bullpen Bulletins pages in Marvel Comics from the mid-'60s into the early '80s.

Along with Stan's Soapbox columns, the book features short commentaries from luminaries including Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige, Marvel Comics' current Editor-In-Chief Jocular Joe Quesada and many others. Pardon me for plugging this, since not only am I still an unabashed Stan Fan, but a short essay I wrote is also included in this (dare I say?) fantastic book.

And this book benefits a terrific cause--- The HERO INITIATIVE, which is dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. HERO creates a financial safety net for yesterdays' creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.

So check out the vid--- and if you'd like to order a copy of this cool book, shoot me a reply to this blog!

Nil Nisi Optimus!

Pax et Stan Comics!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flying Colors Unchained!

Saturday November 22 --- that's the Saturday before Thanksgiving--- is "America Unchained", a campaign of the American Independent Business Alliance that calls attention to the importance, vitality and many benefits of supporting locally owned small businesses, rather than mega-sized corporate chains.

AMIBA is a trade association that calls attention to the vital economic impact of small businesses.

A few facts:
* Studies have found that for every $100 spent at a chain store, only $13 circulates back through the local community. But for every $100 spent at a locally-owned small business, $45 circulates back through the community!

* Local businesses contribute to community culture and character (two qualities were full of here at Flying Colors!)

* Locally owned small businesses (like Flying Colors!) give a higher percentage of our business income to support local charities and community organizations.

I hope you'll help your local community by taking one day, Saturday November 22, to get yourself unchained by staying away from all chain stores---and instead, shop only at locally owned small businesses.

Flying Colors will have a small gift for the first 100 people to shop in our store on Saturday November 22. I hope to see you here (before then, after then, but then, too!)!

Peace 'n' Support for Local Biz!


Friday, October 31, 2008

FlyCo League of Just Us!

And how was your Halloween?

Starman... Green Arrow... Black Canary... Zatanna... Black Canary Too, and the evil Two Face, along with Clark Kent!

And there was cookies, too!


ITEM:Starting Sunday November 2, 2008, Flying Colors will now be open 11am-7pm seven days a week (and we'll still stay open an extra hour on each and every New Comics Day---usually Wednesdays)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super Visit!

A big Flying Colors shout-out to author Marc Tyler Nobleman, who visited us in the store today.

Marc's picture book, "BOYS of STEEL", illustrated by Ross MacDonald, tells the story of the creators of Superman--- Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster---and how they came to create the world's greatest super-hero.

Marc has been speaking this week at a number of schools in Contra Costa, as well as at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum. We had a nice time chatting about the evolution of comics culture and some of the sordid history of the comics' business. Thanks, Marc, for taking the time to come and visit with us at Flying Colors.

Halloween is tomorrow--- and we hope to see you (in costume!).



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween at Flying Colors!

• There will be free comics for those in costume!
• There will be guest appearances by super-heroes who will be substituting for our regular Flying Colors' Retailing Brigade members!
• And did I mention treats?

Open on Halloween from 11am until at least 6PM...

Peace 'n' Spookiness!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Flying Colors to Host BONE & RASL Creator Jeff Smith

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and ComicsPRO Team on Benefit Auction

Really BIG news here!
Flying Colors Comics will host Jeff Smith, creator of the mega-selling BONE and RASL series, in his only North American book store appearance this year on Saturday December 6!

As the press release says:

The exclusive appearance was bid on as part of a fundraising auction available only to members of ComicsPRO, the trade association for comic book specialty retailers. The winning bid amount of $4650.00 will be donated in its entirety to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

"I’ve known Jeff Smith and both admired and been an enthusiastic retailer of his work for more than 15 years, but this will be the first time his legions of fans will be able to come meet him at Flying Colors Comics," said Field. "Knowing Jeff has also admired the work ComicsPRO does on behalf of all comics specialty retailers coupled with the splash this makes for the CBLDF makes this even more special."

The auction idea was conceived at the 2008 ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, of which Cartoon Books, publisher of BONE and RASL, was a sponsor. After praising the effort of comics specialty retailers in selling out the initial 20,000 print run of RASL #1, Smith offered to make his only comic book shop appearance this year a benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund via the ComicsPRO auction.

"I owe everything to the comic shop owners who continue to believe in Cartoon Books and my work. The membership of ComicsPRO are among the best of the best," said Jeff Smith. "Any retailer dedicated to selling comics in the specialty market needs to seriously consider joining ComicsPRO, as well as support the important work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I’m also excited to finally do an event at Joe Field’s Flying Colors Comics."

"The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is moved by the generosity of Joe Field and all the other ComicsPRO members who bid on this unprecedented auction," said Charles Brownstein, executive director of CBLDF. "We’re also grateful to Jeff Smith, Vijaya Iyer, and the team at Cartoon Books for going above and beyond to support the Fund and the membership of ComicsPRO. This effort will go a long way towards helping us perform our important work in this season as we support the defense of Iowa collector Christopeher Handley."

Jeff Smith is the award-winning creator of the beloved BONE series, originally published by Cartoon Books and now being published in color by Scholastic Books. Time magazine selected BONE as one of the 10 greatest graphic novels of all time. Cartoon Books will publish the first collection of Smith's new sci-fi series RASL, titled "The Drift," this winter. Recently for DC Comics, he wrote and drew SHAZAM! Monster Society of Evil.

Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff of Concord, CA is a proud recipient of the Will Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Award for Retailing Excellence, a "Hall-of-Fame" award recognized internationally among comic book professionals. He is also President of ComicsPRO and the founder of Free Comic Book Day, the comic industry’s only concerted outreach event.

We’ll have more details of this great event in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Peace ‘n’ Comics!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on the Tease...

Really, this is taking longer than even I would like!

The good news is it looks like we'll be able to announce our Big Special Thing, hopefully in the next day or two. Maybe Monday at the latest.

In the meantime, don't let the delay of our announcement stop you from coming to visit Your Friendly Neighborhood Flying Colors!

It's a huge week for the big events from Marvel & DC. New issues Secret Invasion and Final Crisis are both in as each comes closer to conclusion---and the respective universes

(At least for awhile.)



Thursday, October 09, 2008

We're #2!

ITEM: The votes are in at's BayList Best of the Bay Area voting and I'm happy to report that Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff came in at #2.

Big congratulations to the first-place vote getter, Comic Outpost in San Francisco--- a very cool shop and they do deserve recognition for the work they've done in The City.

I'm actually OK with placing #2... because it gives us more incentive to work harder to make Flying Colors even better than it already is.

In case you didn't know, Flying Colors is now emailing our store newsletter via Constant Contact. Each newsletter also features an exclusive offer, so it's worth a read.

To be included on the list for the Flying Colors "In-Frequent E-Flyer", please email us at to let us know you'd like to be added. (Put "FlyCo Flyer" in the subject line.)

Uh, really, they're emails, but "letters" sounds so much more important--- and that's the way we treat every comment we get from our Flying Colors Faithful.

Here's a couple of recent comments:
I think it would be nice if there was a bench or couple of chairs in the store for the significant others, parents or spouses to sit at while our "kids" shopped.

Love your in-frequent e-flyer!

Thanks for the idea. I actually tried to plan some reading space into the new design of the store but ran out of room because we just love to have a wide and deep selection of comics, graphic novels and other cool stuff. But don't give up hope! You never can tell when I'll spring more changes on you!

Hi Joe!

I moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area last summer but I still get your e-mail newsletters.

Here's what I miss about Flying Colors Comics:

* The incredible selection! You guys pretty much have every comic printed under the sun, every week.
* And you have plenty of the recent issues on hand too! That way if I didn't show up early every Wednesday to get the comics I wanted, I knew I could swing by any day at any time and find what I was looking for.
* Your dedication to comics. You're not a Collectible card cames store, or a miniatures game store, or a role playing game store nor do you sell medieval weaponry. You sell comics, and that is what you focus on.
* Flying Colors is a clean, bright and vibrant store. There's no nerd stench!
* Flying Colors is family friendly. You've got the kids comics right up front. My wife always felt comfortable coming in because there's no giant posters of Vampirella, Witchblade or some other half naked chick hanging on the walls.
* The friendly staff. I never felt like I was breaking up Comicdom's inner circle. And the staff wears logo shirts. You don't have to be a store regular to know who staff is.

Well, that's what I loved about Flying Colors Comics. It's the greatest comic store in America and I wish every city could have a comic store that's just as good.

Thanks for the great year of service while I lived in the Bay Area.

Man, that was nice to hear! Thanks for the kind comments. And please remember to visit when come back to the Bay Area.

One of the things I've noticed here is that Flying Colors has become a traditional visit for a lot of out-of-towners. Some come here to visit family once or twice a year and make it a point to stop by Flying Colors. Grand-parents coming in with their kids and grand-kids from out of state, friends bringing friends in to show them their favorite comic shop. Believe me, I appreciate everyone who goes to the effort of making a trip to Flying Colors a special experience and a fun time out for family and friends.

Thank you--- for twenty years of being able to stay in business and to serve you. It really is our pleasure!



Friday, October 03, 2008

"It Was 20 Years Ago Today..."

...that Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff first opened for business. Yes, it's our anniversary today. And while we have no big celebrations for today, please stay linked in for news coming (hopefully) soon.

So here's a little photo look-back at the early days. Up top, that's FlyCoJoe and his pal (and still FlyCo Faithful) Jerry Fuentes setting up as comic dealers at Stockton's Cosmic Heroes convention, back in probably '87. We had a kick of a time talking comics all day long, selling a few along the way, probably acquiring even more than we sold.

Jerry was a friend from the moment he joined the staff of KJOY radio when I was on staff there in the sales department and he was a DJ. As a comics fan, Jerry was always in on my little schemes to combine comics and radio. When Stan Lee came to town to accept a key to the city and tell the world that Stockton had officially become the "birthplace of the Fantastic Four", Jerry was on the air that day to do a live interview with Stan the Man. Good times!

These days, Jerry works for the Army Corps of Engineers, but dabbles at night as an author. Jer's first book
Deliverin': The Legend of POCO is soon to be published.

If you click on the link provided, you'll find a cool web-site with tons of live concert info about POCO, Buffalo Springfield, Jim Messina and other cool country rock bands. Check it out!
The second photo shows one of the two original Flying Colors Retailing Brigade members, Anne Goodrich, in a very empty store (a lot of days were like that back then).

And the third shot shows part of the store on our Grand Opening event day, Saturday October 28, 1988. My, how things have changed!

Bottom line, I want to thank everyone who has allowed us to stay open all these years by continuing to give us your business. We've made a lot of friends over the years and as a wise one once said "The best is yet to come!"



Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh, my darlin'! Look Who's 50!

Another day, another milestone.

Thursday October 2 is the 50th anniversary of the initial airing of the Huckleberry Hound TV Show! .

Now, FlyCoJoe was only two years old when this show debuted, but soon after that became of huge fan of Huck, Yogi Bear and the gang.

So much so that FlyCoJoe's 4th b-day party in 1960 was a Huckleberry Hound themed affair.

And then again, FlyCoJoe's first ever "music" purchase from a record store was a 45 RPM platter of Quick Draw McGraw's two-sided hit "The Ballad of El Kabong" b/w "Ooch! ooch! Ouch!"

Somehow it makes sense that FlyCoJoe's first favorite cartoon character's anniversary is only one day before that of Flying Colors Comics.



Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Super Wit Hits 20!

Big Birthday Wishes to Flying Colors Retailing Brigade member Melissa as she celebrated her b-day Tuesday September 30.

Her super-hero character code-name is "Super Wit" because, well, Melissa can come up with a very witty angle on just about everything. She's shown here in this photo with a specially homemade (by Libby) Chocolate Kahlua cupcake. Sweet!

Since Melissa's birthday is her 20th, that makes her exactly four days older than Flying Colors! Attaway to make FlyCoJoe feel even older, Melissa.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vote Until Friday September 26 for Flying Colors for BayList Best of the Bay!

Your friendly neighborhood comic shop, FLYING COLORS Comics & Other Cool Stuff, has been nominated for the 2008 "BayList Best comic shop of the Bay Area" on the San Francisco Chronicle's

It's a close vote right now, so if you feel Flying Colors has earned your vote for the Bay Area's best comic shop, kindly place your vote(s) for FLYING COLORS by hitting this link!

And by all means, tell all your friends and neighbors (heck, even your enemies and those in faraway places) to rock this vote.

Thank you for voting for FLYING COLORS!



Friday, August 22, 2008

FlyCoJoe in Vacationland!

Even on our first real vacation (of more than two days) in the last several years, I've found time to fit in some comics' business. Last night in the Philadelphia suburb of Media PA, I was part of a group of close to 20 of my retailing colleagues from the greater Philly area. Some came from New Jersey, I believe there was at least one from Maryland... and we all had a good time talking industry insider stuff.

The meeting was coordinated by my pal George Stasky from Brave New Worlds with stores in the Old City of Philly and the suburb of Willow Grove PA. besides the copious amounts of pizza and beer (Hop-Devil!) consumed, we talked a lot about ComicsPRO, the retailer trade association for which I'm currently serving as president. We talked about the good things that can happen when colleagues in the same business work together. In the process of the meeting, three new members joined the retailer ranks of ComicsPRO. Thanks to George for doing the meeting set-up and to M ike Clark of Showcase Comics for hosting the meeting at his very nice store in the Granite Run Mall.
As for the vacation part of things, Libby and I did a walking tour of historical spots in the Old City of Philadelphia, seeing such sites as Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's house, the burial place of Benjamin Franklin, the national Constitution Museum and the Liberty Bell (which, after you see the photo here, will know why I now call it the Libbyerty Belle. Take a look.)

The second photo shown here was taken at Betsy Ross's house. Libby is shown with a colonial era soldier who told compelling stories about the birth of the USA and his reasons for joining the fight. I was honestly not prepared for feeling of patriotism that were stirred in me by visiting these hallowed places of American History.

The final photo here shows FlyCoJoe at Elfreth Alley which is the oldest continually inhabited residential street in the US. Elfreth was a primarily Irish neighborhood and since that old Irish is still in me blood, it was a chance to think of some of my ancestors who fled the famine and the prejudice to get to a better place....America. Still, after 300 years, we have many from other countries coming to America to flee persecution and to find a better life.

After a couple of days in the City of Brotherly Love, it's on to Pittsburgh for the Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival. Sweet!