Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystery News & Notes!

ITEM, MYSTERY: Sometimes, when we purchase old comics here at Flying Colors (gotta update those old pix!), it takes us months to process the comics for sale. Recently, when going through a bunch of old comics we had purchased a few months ago, I stumbled upon the photo here.

It's a comic shop from sometime in the 1980s. A little dark, to be sure...but the store does look pretty well stocked full of comics and games. So the mystery is this--- does anyone reading this blog recognize the store in the photo? If you do, please let me know by hitting the comments link at the end of this blog post. Thanks!

ITEM, POLITICS: Did you know that our new President Obama is also our first admitted "Geek-in-Chief"? Well, if you didn't, just take a look at this latest piece in the ONION. The photo and story are copyright 2009 by the Onion--and well worth you hitting the link to catch the whole thing! Comedy gold!

Over the last week, the Retailing Brigade here at Flying Colors has been busy re-stocking our impressive selection of back issue comics we have on display. Time for some bin-diving!

ITEM, COMICS II: Also in stock, but likely not for long, is a copy of Spider-Man's very first appearance from 1962 in AMAZING FANTASY #15. A low-grade copy to be sure, but it's a very solid copy for only $1300. YOu likely won't find another copy better and cheaper than this!

Hope to see you soon... in Flying Colors!



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates & Quick Hits

ITEM, OBAMA-MANIA: The craziness continues with the Amazing Spider-Man issue featuring President Obama. Flying Colors will be receiving more copies of this comic book each of the next two Wednesdays--- on January 28 and February 4.

We are still taking reservations in person in Flying Colors' store only--- for this fun issue. Don't miss your chance to grab a piece of political and super-hero history! You did know that Prez Obama is a Spider-Man fan and a confessed comic book reader, didn't you?

ITEM, CUTE: Now in-stock at Flying Colors--- Exclusive and Limited Edition Infant T-Shirts designed by cartoonist JB Bonivert. Sweet!

ITEM, COOL: Talk about an "exclusive"! Check out the customized Captain Four-Color action figure shown here. It's the terrific work of FlyCo Retailing Brigade member Andy! In the pic along with Andy is the designer of Captain Four-Color (and the designer of the infant t-shirts above) JB Bonivert!

If you're still in the dark about who Captain Four-Color is, FlyCoJoe suggests you check out the web-comics link HERE, or better yet, pick up a copy of Flying Colors 20th Anniversary Special Edition comic book.

From the comments we've received to date, we realize this action-figure version of Captain Four-Color may be something of a stretch from the "real" Cap FC.

As we've heard, the real Cap FC isn't quite so muscular (Yet! C'mon, there's still time!), and he's not smiling (Cap FC is always smiling, but you'd probably have the same expression if you were being hoisted like that!)

ITEM, ONE MORE THING: Flying Colors still has a quantity of our 2009 poster/calendars ready and waiting for you. We are also happy to give a quantity of these poster/calendars to teachers and librarians, so please inquire within!

ITEM, SWEET! FlyCoJoe received another wonderful visit from one of the former FLying Colors Retailing Brigade members who helped to build the FlyCo empire into what it is today.

Here's a pic from my visit earlier this week with Anne Goodrich, her lovely mom and Anne's three beautiful kids. Anne was on staff here from Day One--- October 3, 1988, when she was a student at Carondelet High School. Anne is now a school teacher in Mountain Home CA. Great to see you, Anne (and fam!). Please stop by whenever you're in the area.

And if there's any of the other 45 or so former FlyCo staffers who'd like to stop by, I'd love to see you all, so don't be strangers.

Peace 'n' Good People!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spidey Meets Obama in Flying Colors!

Been a crazy day here and we've only been open for a couple of hours. Why? Because of the total frenzy surrounding the release of Amazing Spider-Man #583, featuring a back-up story in which Spider-Man meets Barack Obama on Inauguration Day.

Here are my answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about this particular comic book:

1) Right now, we still have copies of the Obama variant cover, but they will not last the rest of today. [Note: As of 2:00PM, all of the Obama covers are gone, but we still have first printing Amazing Spider-man #583s with the regular cover]

2) No, we are not taking reservations for the remaining copies we have in stock. If we did, there wouldn't have been any left for the many people coming into the store today. By not accepting reservations, we are trying to be fair in getting as many copies as we have to as many different readers as possible.

3) Yes! We are taking advance orders for the Obama cover edition with a different color background that will hopefully be arriving next Wednesday January 21, the day after Inauguration Day. [Update: Marvel Comics has announced that the 2nd printing Obama cover is now sold out from the publisher level. Flying Colors is still taking orders for this issue!]

4) No, this comic book will not "put your kids through college in another 20 years." It's a fun little tie-in to a presidential inauguration, not a financial annuity.
If we depended solely on the collectability of comics, there's no way Flying Colors would have lasted more than 20 years here in Concord.

5)While I am grateful that Marvel Comics was able to get tons of publicity about the release of this issue, I am not so happy with the major hoops that the Marvel company asks its retailers to jump through to try to satisfy our many customers.

6) Flying Colors has a ton of other great comics and graphic novels in stock for readers of all ages and interests. Comics are an entertainment medium first, last and always.

Peace 'n' Cool Comics!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meadows Visits Field in FlyCoLand

One of the greatest things about owning a small business like Flying Colors Comics is getting to know so many truly nice people. I've been really blessed as a business owner to have had nearly 50 great people on staff here over the last 20+ years.

The other day, former FlyCo staffer Scott Meadows stopped by for the first time in almost 15 years! It was great to get his call out of the blue. Libby and I both had a wonderful time catching up with him.

Long time Flying Colors Faithful will remember Scott as a very talented artist who designed the Flying Colors' logo we used back in the '90s. He also did some pretty amazing pieces of art on our dry erase boards back in the day. Scott is still an artist by night and he is a "green" general contractor by day.

Please don't wait another 15 years to see us again, Scott-a-roo!



Tuesday, January 06, 2009

NEW RELEASES' DAY is Wednesday January 7!


There will be no delay caused by last week's New Year's Day holiday, so we're back to Wednesday as our New Releases' Day for comics & other cool stuff here at Flying Colors.

Flying Colors will be open Wednesday January 7 from 11Am-8PM.