Saturday, May 29, 2010

FRAGGLE ROCK event today!

Meet writers ADRIANNE AMBROSE and LEIGH DRAGOON now until 3PM today at Flying Colors!

Cool stuff is happening at FLYING COLORS!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Not Quite Autobiographical Spritiual Comedy: Local Talent Makes Good!

Now in Stock at Flying Colors is a very cool book called

It's the first novel written by
and it is
Highly Recommended!
Matt was on staff here at Flying Colors in the '90s, along with he crew that included Sam, Alan, Roland, Gavin and Adrian. Since his time here, Matt has graduated from UC Riverside, been a high school teacher, a missionary in China and also graduated from Western Seminary.

So, yes, this is a book with a lot of Christian spiritual thought in it. It is also one of the better comedies you'll read in any genre. Starting in a laid-back Portland coffee shop, Matt encounters a dude who could be Jesus, a talking donkey and a wild man named Pete... who could just be an apostle.

IMAGINARY JESUS follows the trek of Matt, Pete and the donkey as they chase after the one they think is the real Jesus.

The quest even takes Matt and his cohorts back to FLYING COLORS. That's right, part of the novel is set right here in my favorite comic shop (and hopefully yours, too). All through this novel are reminders that Matt is really a comics geek disguised as a Christian thinker.

There's comedy gold in reading IMAGINARY JESUS ...and it may just help you on your personal quest to find the Real One while you're at it.

This is a book that can be enjoyed by believers and non-believers alike, as it veers far away from preachiness and sticks to the goal at hand--- delivering Matt from all the misconceptions he's carried about who Jesus is---and by extension, how Jesus is misunderstood in this world.

Congrats on the book, Matt!



Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Do List: Meet FRAGGLE ROCK writers at Flying Colors on Saturday May 29

One of the big hits from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is Archaia Entertainment's FRAGGLE ROCK comic book.

Well, my pal Mel Caylo at Archaia called me to set up an appearance for two of FRAGGLE ROCK's writers for the release of FRAGGLE ROCK #2... and it's a "GO!"

Saturday May 29 from Noon-3PM, stop by Flying Colors to meet writer/cartoonists Leigh Dragoon and Adrianne Ambrose.

Leigh has previously workd with Sam Keith on the series My Inner Bimbo from ONI Press, as well as Faerie Path manga from Tokyopop/HarperCollins.

Adrianne was nominated for a Writer's Guild of America award for video game Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, and is also the author of  Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice, an entertaining farce that pokes copious amounts of fun at the fantasy genre.

FRAGGLE ROCK #2 hit the racks on Wednesday May 26.



Monday, May 10, 2010

FCBD Contest winners!

Thanks again to everyone who attended Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors on Saturday May 1.

Here are the names of the lucky winners from our contest:
Kelly Conroy, Walnut Creek
Colton Haley, Danville
Ethan Rosenstein, Walnut Creek
Karma Christensen, Walnut Creek
Stephanie Duchin, Concord
Paul DaRosa, Concord 



Monday, May 03, 2010

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for coming to Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors last Saturday!

We'll be announcing the winners of our FCBD contest on Wednesday May 5---which just so happens to be our next NEW RELEASES' DAY, with dozens of great titles coming out...including WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, continued from the FCBD edition.

Also, Wednesday sees the release of DC Comics' BRIGHTEST DAY #1--- and Flying Colors is offering a FREE While Lantern ring with the purchase of BRIGHTEST DAY #1 (limit one per customer).

See you soon--- in Flying Colors!