Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cool Comic Books for Manga Lovers!

Just a quick plug for a couple of comic titles that stand out from he crowd in an unusual way.

First is DC's new cartoon spin-off 'HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI' based on the popular Cartoon Network series. Ami and Yumi are huge pop music stars in Japan--- and now they're finding a big and enthusiastic audience in the U.S.

Fans of MANGA will really enjoy this series done in the more traditional American periodical comics' format, but with a manga-styled kick to the frenetic cartooning of Phil Moy. PUFFY AMI YUMI is also a really cool Japanese rock n roll duo--- they do the theme music to another immensely popular Cartoon Network feature-- TEEN TITANS GO!

There's also a Bay Area rock n roll connection to PUFFY AMI YUMI. Some of you may remember an insanely great band from the late '80s/early 90s from this area called JELLYFISH. Well, one of AMI & YUMI's primary songwriters and producers is none other than Andy Sturmer, the frontman for Jellyfish (and Beatnik Beatch) and former resident of Pleasanton CA. We've always been huge fans of Jellyfish here and Andy's connection to this J-Pop duo is very strong in the mix of their music. Check out their songs---and don't miss their new comic series, in stock now at FLYING COLORS, called HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI!

And for something to go right along with HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI, take a look at what Archie Comics has done with SABRINA the TEENAGE WITCH! Artist Tania Del Rio has taken SABRINA in a remarkably fresh and fun direction with manga-styled adventures. These comics may certainly have a strong appeal for a younger girls' audience, so keep them in mind for a little surprises for s special girl you know!

More cool stuff is on the way!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

TRUE STORY: Art Auction for CBLDF

Thanks to Tom Beland for making our New Releases' Day so much fun yesterday. Tom's getting lots of notice lately in the comics' world with stellar stories in Marvel's "I HEART MARVEL: WEB OF ROMANCE" and "SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED". Add to that Tom's creator owned and heart-warming, funny and sweet comic book called TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD--- and you've got a comic star on the rise.

Tom's visit gave us the opportunity to show off his work to more of the Flying Colors' faithful. Some of Tom's comics even became day-late (but still thoughtful) Valentines. He signed some comics and did a bunch of very cool (and free) sketches. In the pic here, you can see Flying Colors' Retailing Brigade member Brian with his soon to be bride Jen, both are getting another big laugh from one of Tom's stories.

One of the very cool things Tom left us with is an original page of art (and story) from the latest issue of TRUE STORY, plus a very cool convention "sketch". I put that in quotes because it's really a full page of original art with a one panel gag spoofing Tom's feelings of burn-out at the end of a long convention.

Flying Colors is now accepting bids on these two items together--- and ALL the money raised will go to benefit the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, a First Amendment advocacy group that does a lot of good work for the whole business and art-form of comics.

To bid on these two pieces (in one swell package), please give Joe a call (925-825-5410) or better yet, come by and see us--and see the art in person so you can make a better bid! The original page is pictured here, but please come in to see it up close and personal!
The auction open until Saturday February 25 at 7pm.
Current high bid for this auction of Tom Beland art is $135.

TRUE STORY: SWEAR TO GOD and Tom Beland's recent SPIDER-MAN stories get high recommendations from the whole staff at FLYING COLORS.



Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bringin' a Little Love to Flying Colors

TOM BELAND, cartoonist of the very cool and critically acclaimed independent comic called TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD, will be making a special appearance at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff, Wednesday February 15 at around 5pm.

We'll be accepting bids for a page of Tom's original art to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Tom will also be here to talk with fans (and hopefully make some new ones) do some sketches, sign some of his comics (also including the new "I HEART MARVEL:WEB OF ROMANCE" and "SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED") and just hang with all of us on New Releases' Day.

Don't forget: Tuesday is Valentine's Day--- so scarf up some cool comicsand graphic novels now for your sweetheart.

Love is the Answer, but Comics is a Good Guess!


Friday, February 10, 2006

WC in SF! Woo-hoo!

Had a great time at the first day of this year's WonderCon.

It's always fun to get caught up with friends and colleagues from the world of comics. The business end of comics is still small enough to have a community feel even as we all try to grow the business and take comics to ever-larger audiences.

There's so much to see at WonderCon this year. With the move to Moscone Center West (at 4th and Mission in SF, near the Metreon), it seems there's a new energy to the show. There was a big crowd today---even on one of the most glorious sunny days we'll ever see in The City.

I can only imagine how packed the convention hall will be tomorrow as director Bryan Singer shows off a few minutes of this summer's anticpated block-buster SUPERMAN RETURNS movie. Last year, BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale made his only convention appearance at WonderCon---and that was a late-announced surprise--- so I'm wondering if there will be more surprises tomorrow at WonderCon.

See ya in the funnies!


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Wonderful World of Comics!

The biggest and best comics and pop culture convention in Northern California happens this Friday through Sunday February 10-12 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Flying Colors still has advance tickets that'll save you several dollars off the door price, so please visit us before heading to the show!

This is the 20th Annual WonderCon and I've been there for all of them, first as the hired hand to help out with advertising and promotions for the first two years, then as a General Partner for several year before finally being the Co-Chairman of the event in Years 12-15.

To mark the round-number anniversary occasion, my old WonderCon co-horts Mike Friedrich and Bryan Uhlenbrock and I will be sharing "20 Years of WonderCon Stories" in one of the programming rooms Saturday at 6pm. I've been able to dig up a few old treasures from the early days of the show to give away to lucky fans in attendance (hopefully that means you!).

The staff at Comic-Con (the company that owns, produces and promotes WC) asked me and Bryan to write about the olden days of WonderCon (back when it was called the Wonderful World of Comics Convention--- phew!) for this year's souvenir convention program book. In addition to sharing some stories, there are also a number of photos from WC Days Gone By.

I wasn't a "founder" of WonderCon--- I was brought in as a hired hand. But I still have fond memories of those early days. I learned a lot about the business of comics before I was ever a retailer by being a WonderCon staffer. I learned a lot from my friends Bob Borden (who currently runs Fantasy Books & Games in Livermore), from the late great John Barrett (one of the founders of Comics & Comix and many others including my former partners Mike and Bryan, Tom Walton from Fortune Public Relations (in the early years) and Roseanne Raphael (of Roseanne Raphael Public Relations (in the later years). There are many more great folks from the WonderCon years, so if you can, please come by the panel on Saturday at 6pm to hear some good stories. Someone please ask about Uncle Owen!

So here's the perfect way to do the weekend:
#1: Visit Flying Colors for your weekly comics (lots of good stuff this week, too)
#2: Buy your WonderCon tix at Flying Colors and save a few bucks off the door price!
#3: Have a great time at the best comics' show in Northern California this weekend at WonderCon!

oh, and...
#4: Be back here again after the convention to tell us your favorite WonderCon stories and re-load with some new and cool comics!

See you soon!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Releases' Day! Yowza---We Got Fun!

Tomorrow is Wednesday--- and you know what that means!

It's New Releases' Day at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff.
Mounds of new entertainment await you, including all of the items pictured here.

First up:
This is a cool and quirky title from Marvel, it's "CALVIN & HOBBES" meets the Marvel Super-Heroes. It's fun and funny, and readers of all ages will get a real kick out of this one.

GIANTKILLER by Dan Brereton.
This new collected edition gets special attention since one of the locales used in the story is none other than our own beloved Mount Diablo. Look for an announcement soon regarding a special GIANTKILLER event at Flying Colors!

Wow! Take a look at this brand new SILVER AGE BATMAN & ROBIN limited edition statue! Done in the inimitable style of Silver Age great Carmine Infantino, this statue is a great addition to any Dark Knight collector's Bat-cave!
Also brand-new this week are the "Women of the DC Universe" WONDER WOMAN bust and Bowen Designs' Modern Age Spider-Man statue.

Speaking of Spidey, no matter who your special Valentine is, pick up a copy of "I (Heart) Marvel: Web of Romance" featuring a new Spidey and Mary Jane story by Tom Beland (of TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD fame).
FLYING COLORS is featuring an enticing selection of Valentine-themed comics, making this a great time to pass your love of comics on to those you love on Valentine's Day!

There are many more cool items hitting the rack Wednesday morning, including the return to comics' writing of Paul Levitz in the pages of JSA #82. Paul's return to writing is given a spotlight feature in the Tuesday February 7 edition of the New York Times. What a way to return! On top of all the attention, the artist for this issue is long-time fan-favorite George Perez! Sounds like a no-brainer for the "buy" pile this week!

These items are just the tip of a really cool iceberg this week. So please come in and visit us.

WonderCon is this weekend at the Moscone Center in San Francisco---and we'll have advance tickets available (until they run out). You'll save a few bucks on each ticket getting them here in advance! And if you plan on going to WonderCon, I hope you'll sit in on Saturday afternoon at 6pm for a look back at the first 20 years of WonderCon, with my pals and former WonderCon partners Mike (Star*Reach) Friedrich and Bryan (Bongo) Uhlenbrock. We'll be telling some stories from the olden days of WonderCon---and we'll have some prizes for folks who ask the best questions! Be there!

Peace, y'all!