Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back from Memphis!

The ComicsPRO Annual Members' Meeting in Memphis was a resounding success. I posted a report on it over at the ComicsPRO blog.

Lots of cool new stuff hits the racks on Wednesday morning, so be here!

Hope to see you soon in Flying Colors!



Thursday, March 05, 2009

WATCHMEN Gets FlyCo Some Ink

A nice feature about WATCHMEN and adults getting back into comics, written by reporter Tony Hicks from the Contra Costa Times (and the rest of the Bay Area Newsgroup, including the Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News and other papers) ran in this morning's editions.

You can read it HERE!

The gist of the article is how daunting it can be for anyone to get into comics these days with the myriad choices, entangled continuity and so many different titles from which to choose.

While I didn't quite say it well enough to make it into print, the most important thing I want to impress upon everyone is that the wide medium of comics and graphic novels have many great things for readers of all ages and interests.

And the way to make the task of getting into comic less daunting is to talk with an expert (Hey, that's us!). Sure, comics and graphic novels are almost ubiquitous in their presence at large corporate-owned stores and online stores. However, the single best way to dip your toes into the comics' pool for the first time ever (or first time in years) is to visit a professional store dedicated to the medium of comics....a store, I will humbly add, like Flying Colors.

One of the projects I've been involved with over the last few years is the development and growth of the comic book industry's largest-ever retailer trade association called ComicsPRO. If you have friends in other areas wanting to jump back into comics, I'll recommend going to the ComicsPRO site, hitting the "Members" link for a list of retailers all over North America that will be professional, helpful and enthusiastic in nurturing each and every new (or returning) comics' reader.



(photo by Jim Stevens of the Contra Costa Times)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Q: Who Will Watch the WATCHMEN?

A: Millions, no doubt.

But I seriously doubt this one will have the "legs" that THE DARK KNIGHT had last summer.

I was among those who were invited to a late-night screening last Friday night/ Saturday morning of the film adaptation of the Alan Moore/ Dave Gibbons graphic novel WATCHMEN.

This movie is the first R-rated "super-hero" movie (WANTED was a super-villain movie, after all).

And it's a true 'R'--- as the source material was. I mention this because I think there will be a lot of parents being asked by their kids to take them to see this new "super-hero" movie. And all parents really need to know this movie was definitely not made for kids. Proceed with knowledge and caution.

For adults, it's a wild and stylish movie--- it's directed by Zach "300" Snyder, after all. It's mostly faithful to the original graphic novel with some shots almost lifted straight from Dave Gibbons' cinematic art in the original.

No spoilers here. Most of the readers of this blog have probably already made up their minds about whether they'll see it or not. I really wanted to post this to ask you in advance to post your thoughts about this movie (and the graphic novel) in the comments section here.

And if you would like me to play spoiler for you, come on in to Flying Colors for your new comics and other cool stuff and I'll give you the full low-down.



[Update: Randy Myers from the Contra Costa Times has reviewed "WATCHMEN". To read his review, go HERE!