Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Stockton California Seeks a Fantastic Place in Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Have you heard?
The City of Stockton California is petitioning Marvel Studios to follow the lead of Marvel Comics by getting Stockton into the forthcoming Fantastic Four movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The original campaign I started in October 1985 was something done to promote Stockton and give some fun publicity to to KJOY, the radio station where I worked at the time, and to promote comics, notably Marvel Comics for their 25th anniversary and Al's Comics in Stockton.

The first thing I did was ask Al at Al's Comics to put up a poster I did (pretty low-fi in those days, all hand-lettered) and take names on a petition. After getting 374 signatures on the petition, I went in front of the Stockton City Council and asked them to get behind the campaign. When they approved the resolution, the media picked up on the story in big ways. Read about it HERE!

So here we are, 37 years later (I checked: it's been 13,544 days since Stan Lee stood on the steps of Stockton's City Hall to deliver the Marvel Comics proclamation), and the City of Stockton, though its convention and visitors' bureau ---"VISIT STOCKTON"--- is once again asking Marvel to recognize the city... this time in the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There's a new MCU Fantastic Four movie in the planning stages and it would be great if Stockton received recognition in the movie. Maybe shoot a scene or two in Stockton... or at the very least, mention Stockton by the name bestowed by Marvel Comics and Stan Lee all those years ago--- "The Official Birthplace of the Fantastic Four!"

I hope you'll join me in signing the petition at

Way back in 19985, when Stan Lee was asked if Marvel could make the change in the company's comics, Stan said something like "It's Marvel's business to save universes on a daily basis. This is the least we can do for good ol' Stockton!"

To see video from way back when, click the links below:

1) Stockton City Council meeting, December 1985.
City Council adopts resolution asking Marvel Comics to name Stockton as the "Official Birthplace of the Fantastic Four."

2) "Stockton Live" cable access show, shot at Al's Comics on February 27, 1986. Featuring interviews with Al "Mike" Greco of Al's Comics and Joe Field (then of KJOY 1280 AM Radio). This was shot during Stan Lee's signing at Al's Comics after the City Hall ceremony when Stan Lee presented the Marvel proclamation declaring Stockton as the Birthplace of the Fantastic Four.

 3) KCRA-TV Ch3 report from Rich Ibarra, December 1985.

From the Stockton Record, February 1986









Thursday, March 16, 2023

Stockton Featured in new Fantastic Four Movie? You can help make it happen!


Feature Stockton, California - Birthplace of The Fantastic Four - in the MCU's Upcoming Film

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STOCKTON, CA (3/16/2023) – Stockton is petitioning Marvel Studios to feature Stockton, California, the birthplace of the Fantastic Four, in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four film.