Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Free Comic Book Day / Record Store Day Connection

This coming Saturday April 23 is the 15th annual Record Store Day. Two weeks later, Saturday May 7 will be the 21st annual  Free Comic Book Day!


The inspiration for Record Store Day was my little Frankenstein, Free Comic Book Day.

The resurgence of vinyl records can be traced directly to Record Store Day and the enthusiasm of locally owned independent record shops. Sure, big chains and mega-corps have horned in on the vinyl party, but it truly was the specialty market, your local independent record shops, that really made the day and set the music business up for more healthy days.


Free Comic Book Day is all about indie comics shops like Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff, putting our best feet forward to thank fans, call back former fans and especially introduce new fans to the wonder of comics entertainment.

As the founder of FCBD, and as a huge music fan, I'm pleased to know my little idea blossomed into a really good thing for the comics market all over the world just as FCBD's cousin, Record Store Day, has been great for indie record shops and music fans.


Free Comic Book Day & Record Store Day --- Pop culture events bringing happiness and exciting comics and music fans all over the world!


Locally, take in Record Store Day at Up The Creek Records in Walnut Creek and Tone Army Records in Concord.

And make plans to join us May 7 for Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors Comics or any of the two thousand other shops celebrating the day all over the world!

#SupportSmallBusiness #shopindielocal

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