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Flying Colors 2023 Best-Selling Comic Books & Graphic Novels

 A Tale of Two Lists!

Let's start with Flying Colors Best-Selling Comics for 2023.

To be honest, it wasn't worth doing a long detailed chart of the Top 100 or Top 50 because the list of best-selling comics at Flying Colors in 2023 was absolutely dominated by two titles--- BATMAN and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

However, there were also welcome surprises! The two biggest sales surprises of 2023 are VOID RIVALS and TRANSFORMERS from Skybound/Hasbro.

The emergence of the Energon Universe has been nothing short of a fan favorite.

Here's a little factoid: TRANSFORMERS from Skybound is outselling the previous Transformers series (from another publisher) by a margin of 10 to 1!

And VOID RIVALS, the sneaky intro to the Energon Universe, caught a lot of fans off guard. At Flying Colors, we're thrilled that Skybound, Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics, continues to inject a positive vibe into the comics world.

Don't get us wrong--- we love that long-time best-sellers like Batman and Spidey continue to thrill fans. With that, though, it's awesome to see some energy put into the comics market by another publisher.

The fact remains--- there are so many good comics from many different publishers and Flying Colors is here to get them to you!

As always, if you know there's something you just can't afford to miss, you can put in a request for us to reserve every issue of your favorite titles.

And now, here's
Flying Colors 2023 Top-Selling Graphic Novels!

There’s really something for everyone on this Top 30!

* All-ages friendly books from worldwide best-selling cartoonist Dav Pilkey (Dog Man, Cat Kid, Capt Underpants)

* Jeff Smith is the creator of Flying Colors all-time best-selling graphic novel, BONE, and in 2023 we were thrilled to introduce lots of readers to his new epic TUKI.

* Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continue to deliver the goods for mature readers with their graphic novels, NIGHT FEVER and Where The Body Was.

* The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic novel, TMNT THE LAST RONIN, is a true fan favorite.

* The SPARKS series is continuing to make happy young readers with its superhero story about a robot dog that’s secretly controlled by two cats!

* And a very special mention goes to Thien Pham’s “Family Style: Memories of and Amercian from Vietnam.” We’re happy to see this graphic memoir get the attention it deserves and there will be awards for this very singular, entertaining and moving graphic novel. Watch out, Eisner & Harvey Awards… here comes Thien Pham!

Please take a look at this list and see it as a group of books that are thrilling and moving readers. And we hope you’ll see there’s a lot more to comics than just superheroes (we still love our heroes, too!).

As always, when you visit Flying Colors you can ask our frankly fantastic FlyCo Retailing Brigade for great suggestions!

2024 is here--- and there’s a lot to look forward to! You're invited to join us all year long!

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