Friday, December 22, 2023 Interview/Feature: 50 years of Comics' "Direct Market"

During the course of the last year,, the comics business-oriented site, has published a series of articles about the history and the players in comics' Direct Market.

Former DC Publisher Paul Levitz filed his thoughts about The Direct Market HERE!

One of my comics retailing mentors and dearly departed friends, the Big Kahuna, Bill Liebowitz of Los Angeles' Golden Apple shops was featured HERE! 

And now, it's my turn. Read the feature/interview HERE!

Honestly, when compared to so many others who helped lay the groundwork for this little industry, the comics specialty retail market, I feel humbled and grateful just to be mentioned.

It's been a good ride... my hope is that with the help of our FlyCo Faithful and our stalwart Flying Colors Retailing Brigade, we'll be taking Flying Colors into new and exciting directions.

There's a TON to do, a lot to investigate and ponder, and even with that, things are still a bit murky and no decisions have been made.

The continued support of FlyCo Faithful will help guide our decisions, so we hope you'll all hang in there with us!


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