Monday, July 24, 2023

Free Comic Book Day at the United States Capitol?

As reported by PopVerse Deputy Editor Tiffany Babb:

Congressman Robert Garcia announced at Comic-Con, "We're going to host the first Free Comic Book Day at the Capitol."... The day wouldn't just be about getting comics to kids but also into the hands of policy makers. "I think policy makers have a lot to learn from comics," the congressman said, adding wryly, "especially some of my colleagues." 

Read the full PopVerse report here!

Maybe Congressman Garcia is not yet fully aware of the reach of Free Comic Book Day. Yes, there are shops in the Washington DC area participating in the event every year. More than that, FCBD is an international event with participating shops in dozens of countries.

I want Congressman Garcia to know I stand at the ready to help him give Free Comic Book Day a bigger spotlight. I look forward to hearing from him!



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