Thursday, January 05, 2023

Flying Colors Best Selling Graphic Novels of 2022

Presenting the 2022 Best-Selling Graphic Novels at Flying Colors Comics


Notes & Trivia:

* Click on the Best Sellers' graphic to enlarge the image and make it easier to read.

* 19 of the top 26 best-sellers are from our "All Ages" section! That's a testament to how much younger readers love comics and get excited to read more by reading graphic novels. Know a reluctant reader... of any age? Introduce them to comics!

* New and more publishers are jumping into the graphic novel business every month.  Flying Colors sold at least one graphic novel in 2022 from 174 unique publishers!

* While there are only 25 places on this top sellers list, there are 95 different titles due to titles selling the same amount.

* Flying Colors in 2022 sold at least one copy of 4250 different graphic novels. 1881 of those sold just one copy each.

* Sadly, we ordered 196 titles, totaling 463 graphic novels that did not sell even one copy. Such is the risk of running a small independent shop.

* While the vast majority of best-selling periodical comic books are from the long dominant superhero genre, when it comes to graphic novels, only about 1 in 4 are from that genre.

* To a degree, this list could have looked different. Over the last year, a number of strong selling graphic novels have gone in and out of print so their availability was sometimes tricky. We can't sell the books we don't have in stock, after all. That makes this list more representative of the books that were more consistently available for order.

* AN INVITATION! You can let us know what you'd buy from us by looking through our preorder catalogs in the shop. We do accept special requests and have good success filling them. Our goal is to get you just what you want.

What was your favorite graphic novel of 2022?
Is it on this list?

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Here's to a fantastic 2023!

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