Saturday, July 02, 2022

Liam Sharp signing event Wed Jul 6 at 11AM

Join us at
Flying Colors Comics
Wednesday July 6 from 11AM-1PM for the world debut signing event for

Liam Sharp's STARHENGE
#1 from Image Comics!

LIAM SHARP (artist of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Brave & Bold, more) will be here to sign copies and talk about his new time-spanning series, STARHENGE!

At Flying Colors, we're totally excited to bring you the world debut signing for this new series!

What's it about?
A future Merlin travels to 5th-century Britain to prevent monstrous time-traveling killer robots from robbing the universe of magic, while Amber Weaver's lively present-day narrative reveals how she becomes drawn into this war across time! The Once & Future King meets The Terminator in 30 enthralling story pages, launching this original epic inspired by the Arthurian sagas!

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