Monday, November 11, 2019

Book Recommendations

Recommendations for two recently published books.

The first, "Unopened Doors" by Gina DePaulo, is a memoir of her harrowing experience surviving a serial killer. Years ago, in doing research for her book, Gina contacted me to talk about my dearly departed sweet sister Maureen who died at the hands of a serial killer in November 1972.

As Gina was trying to piece together memories of the time in the late '60s when she was abducted and lived to tell the tale, she thought it might be possible that the person who killed Maureen was the same one she dealt with. While that didn't turn out to be the case, the information I was able to give Gina, and the insight I gave her into the beautiful person Maureen was do play a pivotal role in Gina's story. 

I really tip my cap to Gina for her raw honesty in telling her tale of family dysfunction, strength and finally survival. It's Gina's story of finding her way and getting to the truth of her life. "Unopened Doors" is a compelling read and one I'm proud to say in which I played a small role.

David Danforth's "Chameleon" is a fun superhero tale... a breezy read with characters that will feel comfortable to long-time comics fans and any reader just craving a page-turner. There's even an "FC" comic shop in the book, run by a dispenser of wisdom... and it's not me!

Libby and I were so very touched when David presented us a copy of his book... and lo and behold, he dedicated this tome to the both of us!

Now here's the sticky part: Anyone who knows me knows I don't post links to The Evil Empire... you know, the place named after a big river. But that's likely the place you'll be able to find these books...or maybe you can contact the authors directly on social media?

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