Friday, December 04, 2009

"the road to god knows..."

Long time Flying Colors Faithful know that we try to stock a wide variety of comic goodness in our little emporium here in Concord.

More than occasionally, we search off the beaten path of super-heroes and action stories to find comics and graphic novels with a smaller, more personal vision. That is the core of a new graphic novel called "the road to god knows..." by first-time graphic novelist Von Allan.

While not autobiographical, "the road to god knows..." concerns a teenage girl coping with the mental illness of her mother. Von Allan lost his mother to the ravages of schizophrenia when she was just 48 and he was 20. So there is personal experience shared in the sometimes harrowing fiction of this graphic novel.

My pal and fellow long-time comic retailer Joe Ferrara of Atlantis Fantasyworld in Santa Cruz was able to get his local paper to interview Von Allan about his graphic novel and you can read that article HERE!

Flying Colors is one of a handful of comic specialty stores carrying Von Allan's "the road to god knows..." We hope you read the linked article and then pick up a copy of "the road to god knows..." on your next visit to Flying Colors. It currently is stocked in our "New & Cool" section.



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