Monday, October 10, 2005

Silver Age Avengers Assembled!

I participated in a round-table e-mail discoussion regarding Diamond Comic Distributors' new policy for lower selling independent titles. Here's the link:

I come off as something of a Diamond apologist in the round-table, but there have been times I've been critical of the company. I do think Diamond does a difficult job very well. Sure, there are things they could do better, but I can say the same thing about my own operation. Anyway, if you'd care to post your comments about the "interview", please go right ahead.

Tomorrow, I'll give you a few highlights for the comics & other cool stuff arriving on sale here Wednesday, but I want to talk a bit about old comics right now.

Last week, my pal Steve Holmes came to visit. Steve's the one who really got me into comics back in '67. Whenever we talk or get together, we still talk comics. I suppose we could talk about law since Steve is a lawyer, but somehow talking about cool comics always seems to win.

Part of Steve's visit was his entrusting me with a small cache of old Avengers (scattered issues from #16-93) and Nick Fury (#3-15) comics. Most of these are in beautiful shape --- and Steve has consigned them to Flying Colors to sell so he can put the dough towards some old Dr. Strange and Conans he'd like to upgrade.

Ask me if you'd like to see this stash of about 70 comics from Marvel's Silver Age.

Keep those four-colors flying!


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