Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New & Cool Stuff in-store Wed 10/5

Occasionally with this blog, I'll give a rundown of some new items in the store that may be a bit off the beaten path, but deserve your attention for possible purchases. Here's a few of those items on-sale Wednesday October 5, 2005:

• The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. A massive (20 pounds +) slipcased hardcover collection of Bill Watterson's brilliant comic strip. From fall-down funny slapstick to wry social commentary, C&H stands out as one of the greatest (if somewhat short-lived) comics strips of all time. The $150 price tag is well worth the hours and hours of pleasure readers will get from this long-awaited collection.

• Baghdad Journal: An Artist in Occupied Iraq, published by Drawn & Quarterly. I wasn't prepared for how big and beautiful (if 'beautiful' can really be used to describe paintings of war-torn Iraq) this book is. Be sure to take a look when you're in the store this week.

• Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror. What a line-up of talent for this annual treat from BONGO Comics! Mark Schultz, James Lloyd, John Severin, Angelo Torres and Al Williamson---all catching that cool EC Comics' vibe with a Simpsons' twist.

• The FOG. The adaptation of the soon-to-be-released movie starring "Smallville"'s Tom Welling, this one sports a Mike Mignola cover and looks like a winner.

• Bone Sharps & Thunder Lizards, from Jim Ottaviani's GT Labs. Some of you may remember getting a taste of this as a Free Comic Book Day giveaway edition---well, this is the full deal. Very cool---so please check it out!

• Curse of Dracula. The team of Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, reknowned for their "Tomb of Dracula" series from Marvel in the '70s, are back together with more Dracula tales, this time from Dark Horse. A pre-Halloween treat, if you ask me...

There's so much more that's hitting the racks Wednesday morning. We hope you'll find the time to visit Flying Colors Comics this week. And bring a friend!


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