Thursday, October 06, 2005

Odd Moment from Flying Colors' History

We just hit our 17th anniversary in business this week, so there have been more than 6200 days in the Flying Colors Comics history books.

Through that time, we've been asked --- let me guess--- something in the neighborhood of 620,000 questions. Most we've been able to answer simply and directly, maybe even enlightening the inquisitors along the way.

But the oddest question we've ever been asked was by the man who rushed in one Saturday morning in a total panic.
"Do you exchange saxophones?!"
"Excuse me?" I thought I hadn't heard the question properly.
"Do you exchange SAXOPHONES!!??"

No, we don't exchange saxophones here. Never quite fit the bill of "Other Cool Stuff" in our store's moniker.

Then there's the one about the guy who called looking for raccoon traps...

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