Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Releases Wednesday at Flying Colors!

Lots of good stuff this week! Huge titles from the big companies include:
• INFINITE CRISIS #1 from DC (don' t look at the last page untill you've read through the whole issue!)
• FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #1 (first part of "The Other" story)
• HOUSE OF M #7 (about time for this one, huh?)
• THE GOON 25¢ issue from Dark Horse (what a great time to jump on this cool title)

Lots more from the big publishers, so let's shine a light on some other very cool things coming in this week:
• DOOMED magazine #1. In the style of classic Warren mags like CREEPY, EERIE & Vampirella, this anthology looks like a winner!
• KRAZY & IGNATZ 1935-1936. Geo. Herriman's seminal strip is given another volume by Fantagraphics. Always a welcome addition to any serious comic historian's library. Plus it's just great stuff.
• Vanguard Publishing has two stellar entries this week--- RGK: THE ART OF ROY G KRENKEL (with notes from Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta) and SPIES, VIXENS & MASTERS OF KUNG FU: The Art of PAUL GULACY. Purty pickshers, if'n ya ask me.
• STANDARD CATALOG OF COMICS (4th edition). While not the definitve price guide that Overstreet is, the STANDARD CAATALOG serves so many other needs with exhaustive information. This one helps to answer lots of nagging comics' trivia questions.
• TONY MILLIONAIRE's LITTLE & LARGE hardcover. It's a storybook for kids, but everyone who loves Tony's MAAKIES and SOCK MONKEY will want to grab this one, too.

New comics & other cool stuff sure do make the middle of the work week a lot more bearable, don't they?

See you in Flying Colors!


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