Thursday, October 13, 2005

Goin' to Astro City...

Another big recommendation from this week is the ASTRO CITY: LOCAL HEROES trade paperback by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson, with an Alex Ross cover.

I have loved ASTRO CITY since it first came along ten years ago. When readers tell me they want more from the super-hero genre, I eagerly point them toward this series. Most spandex adventures seem to be all about super-power trips and huge action, but AC stories often deal with the human emotions of living in a super-powered world. ASTRO CITY is a wonderful and different flavor in the realm of super-powered adventure comics.

If you've never tried this series, I will give you a money-back guarantee on a copy of the introductory ASTRO CITY volume called "LIfe in the Big City"....and then prepare yourself to take a most enjoyable trip to ASTRO CITY.

Other major recommendations for brilliant new takes on the super-hero genre:
SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY also by Kurt Busiek (and artist Stuart Immonen)
IT'S A BIRD... by writer Steven Seagal (no, not the cardboard actor) and artist Teddy Kristiansen
POWERS by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming
RUNAWAYS by Brian Vaughan with artist Adrain Alphona

I honestly believe FLYING COLORS has something special for every reader, and while I've focused here on new views of the realm of super-heroes, we have so many other genres to explore. So next time you're in the store, please allow us to recommend something new and cool just for you!


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