Friday, October 07, 2005

Columbus Loves Comics! No Delay!

I've already mentioned here how much I LOVE the new "Complete Calvin & Hobbes" hardcover slipcase edition that went on sale this past Tuesday.

Cartoonist Bill Watterson didn't give a whole lot of interviews about C&H or any of his work as a cartoonist, but in anticipation of the release of the Complete C&H, fans were invited to send questions for Bill to answer. The result is an enlightening Q&A session ---found at

I didn't go out fishing the internet for that interview, though. I found it on ---ta da!--- another blog! Dan Shahin runs one of the real up and coming operations in the comics biz, Hijinx Comics in San Jose CA (my birthplace, for what that's worth...) and he's been blogging forever. Check out Dan's site at ---and when you're in the San Jose area, stop by Hijinx.

By the way, even though there is an ostensible holiday next week--- Monday is Columbus Day --- new comics and other cool stuff will still be on sale as usual WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12 (except maybe for those being shipped on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria).

No delays because Monday is not a UPS holiday. And it looks to be another great week for comics with the big item being DC's first issue of INFINITE CRISIS! Woo and hoo, as they say!

More soon!

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