Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More News & Notes!

Flying Colors is one of the few stores on the West Coast to stock the otherwise very popular TOON TUMBLERS, glasses featuring favorite comic characters. Flying Colors just recently received a new shipment of these cool and inexpensive gift items, so for all you looking for a nostalgic throwback to the days of collecting Slurpee cups and glasses from Taco Bell--or maybe you're just looking for a very cool drinking glass, come and get 'em!

ITEM: With Christmas approaching fast, we want to give you the heads-up about our schedule here in Flying Colors. Our shop, our store, our little comics mecca will be open regular hours --- 11am-7pm everyday, with the following exceptions:

Wednesday December 16 we'll be open until 8pm for New Releases Day.
Wednesday December 24, Christmas Eve is also a New Releases Day and we'll open one hour early and close a little early, going from 10am-6pm.
Wednesday December 31 there will not be New Releases and we will be open from 11am-6pm.

ITEM: FlyCoJoe gets lots of questions from visitors to our store about comic specialty stores in other parts of the U.S. As the currently-serving president of the comic book specialty retailers trade association called ComicsPRO, I'll refer you to our members' list as a good source of finding some of the very best comic shops in North America. Check our member list HERE!

ITEM: FlyCoJoe has had a couple of requests (sadly not very many at all) asking if his KRON-TV appearance will be posted here or to YouTube anytime soon. Well, it all depends on how fast one of my DVD dubbing crew comes in to take up that task. Meanwhile, we'll show you an unfocused shot of KRON newscaster and weekend morning show host Magnificent Marty Gonzalez and FlyCoJoe on the KRON set.

ITEM: On a more personal note, FlyCoJoe would like to thank the many wonderful friends who wrote him to share their condolences on the passing of FlyCoJoe's lovely and amazing Mom, who lived a long (eternally 18!) and beautiful life. It's been a difficult last couple of months, but I can still feel her love all the way from the Eternal There to the ephemeral here.



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