Thursday, December 04, 2008

The JEFF SMITH Event: Be Here!

The JEFF SMITH Event on Saturday is shaping up to be a great time for everyone.

This will be Jeff's only comic store signing for quite some time, so I hope you make the effort to come in to meet one of the brightest and most successful cartoonists in the biz.

Did you know more than FOUR MILLION copies of BONE are now in print? In a business in which "successful" collected editions of comics sell in the low thousands, 4,000,000 is a staggering number--- and it shows just how wide and deep the fan base is for BONE and for Jeff's work.

Have you read RASL yet? Going 180 degrees away from BONE, RASL is a sci-fi thriller for older readers with action and intrigue as we learn more about the dimension-hopping art thief.

Also in stock are the BONE tie-in volumes that sadly don't get as much press or attention as the main BONE series, but provide great entertainment and important back-story to the BONE Saga. Check out ROSE, the story of Granma Ben when she was a young princess, stunningly painted by the amazing Charles Vess; and STUPID STUPID RAT TALES, a hilarious look at the rat creatures that infest the BONE-scape.

One more recommendation: SHAZAM: Monster Society of Evil, a Captain marvel story drawn and written by Jeff Smith....and recommended for all ages! Flying Colors will also have a limited edition book-plate for SHAZAM.

If by chance you can't make it in on Friday to get one of the advance Priority Signing Packages (see below), the Jeff Smith Event will not be starting until noon on Saturday, so you will be able to get the packages from 11am-noon in the store before the signing begins.

Hope to see you here!


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