Monday, December 01, 2008

Now that we've posted the details of the Priority Packages for the JEFF SMITH event here at Flying Colors on Dec. 6, we've received a few questions. So here are some answers:

Q: I don't live anywhere close to Concord CA, so I won't be able to attend the event. Can I still get the limited edition Jeff Smith-signed bookplates?

A: Yes! While we will be giving priority to those who attend the event, we are going to make an effort to handle some requests for Jeff Smith's fans that can't make it to the the event at Flying Colors. After looking over the "Priority Signing Package" (posted yesterday) to decide which books you'd like, then submit your requests to "coolstuff@flyingcolorscomics".

Q: When is RASL Volume 1:The Drift due to come out? And BONE Volume 9:Crown of Horns?

A:You ask good questions! RASL Vol 1 will be making its World Premier here on December 6---however we will only have a preview copy to show off. Jeff Smith is having the overseas printer send us that copy. We'll then have our full shipment of RASL Vol 1 in before Christmas, so any orders for that book will be filled first with the signed bookplate on Dec 6, then the book itself a couple of weeks later.

As for BONE Volume 9, that is not due to come out until late January, but pre-selling them is the best way to make sure that those buying our Priority Signing Packages can get something new. Of course, we will also gladly supply copies of all of Jeff Smith's BONE, RASL and SHAZAM books to everyone! And we'll have a good supply of earlier volumes of BONE and SHAZAM here in-store on Saturday December 6.

Q: Do you expect a big crowd for the Jeff Smith event?

A: While we hope legions of Jeff's fans are able to attend, we never "expect" a crowd. We do prepare for a potential crowd, and we hope we'll have enough of Jeff's books for everyone who wants one that day. But word to the wise--- the best way to make that happen is for each of Jeff's fans to pre-buy one of the Priority Signing Packages.


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