Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Copious batches of new comics and other cool stuff will hit the shelves at Flying Colors on Friday January 2 at 11AM. We'll be open on Friday until 8PM for New Releases Day.

From the whole Retailing Brigade at Flying Colors---
*Melissa (aka "Super-Wit")
*Leticia (aka "Super Skrull PhD!")
*Marty (aka "Blond Bear")
*Andy (aka "Sir Soul Crusher")
*Mike (aka "Dr. Literal")
*Libby (aka "The Caring Crusader")
*FlyCoJoe (shhhh, he's Captain Four-Color)

Thank you for helping us meet the challenges of '08 with your patronage and your presence here at Flying Colors. we look forward to continue serving you the best in comics entertainment in the New Year.

We send you our wishes for a super-powered 2008, full of love and laughter and massive stacks of the coolest comics and graphic novels ever!


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