Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Idea for BUFFY Fans!

Flying Colors just received a new item that die-hard BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER fans will love!

Scratch that. Today, Flying Colors received THREE new items that media hounds, wanna-be writers and fans of BUFFY, LOST and HEROES will really love.

It's a series of DVD interviews you won't find in video stores ---or many other stores for that matter. Each DVD contains a full hour-long interview with a top Hollywood writer.

Volume One features JOSS WHEDON, mastermind behind BUFFY, ANGEL, FIREFLY and Astonishing X-MEN.

Volume Two features DAMON LINDELHOF, head writer and producer of the TV series LOST (as well as the oft- and long-delayed comic series ULTIMATE HULK VS WOLVERINE.

Volume Three features TIM KRING, Pittsburg CA native and the creator of the TV phenomenon HEROES, as well as CROSSING JORDAN.

Each DVD is only $12.99, perfect to stuff into your favorite fan's stocking.

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