Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Wonderful World of Comics!

The biggest and best comics and pop culture convention in Northern California happens this Friday through Sunday February 10-12 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Flying Colors still has advance tickets that'll save you several dollars off the door price, so please visit us before heading to the show!

This is the 20th Annual WonderCon and I've been there for all of them, first as the hired hand to help out with advertising and promotions for the first two years, then as a General Partner for several year before finally being the Co-Chairman of the event in Years 12-15.

To mark the round-number anniversary occasion, my old WonderCon co-horts Mike Friedrich and Bryan Uhlenbrock and I will be sharing "20 Years of WonderCon Stories" in one of the programming rooms Saturday at 6pm. I've been able to dig up a few old treasures from the early days of the show to give away to lucky fans in attendance (hopefully that means you!).

The staff at Comic-Con (the company that owns, produces and promotes WC) asked me and Bryan to write about the olden days of WonderCon (back when it was called the Wonderful World of Comics Convention--- phew!) for this year's souvenir convention program book. In addition to sharing some stories, there are also a number of photos from WC Days Gone By.

I wasn't a "founder" of WonderCon--- I was brought in as a hired hand. But I still have fond memories of those early days. I learned a lot about the business of comics before I was ever a retailer by being a WonderCon staffer. I learned a lot from my friends Bob Borden (who currently runs Fantasy Books & Games in Livermore), from the late great John Barrett (one of the founders of Comics & Comix and many others including my former partners Mike and Bryan, Tom Walton from Fortune Public Relations (in the early years) and Roseanne Raphael (of Roseanne Raphael Public Relations (in the later years). There are many more great folks from the WonderCon years, so if you can, please come by the panel on Saturday at 6pm to hear some good stories. Someone please ask about Uncle Owen!

So here's the perfect way to do the weekend:
#1: Visit Flying Colors for your weekly comics (lots of good stuff this week, too)
#2: Buy your WonderCon tix at Flying Colors and save a few bucks off the door price!
#3: Have a great time at the best comics' show in Northern California this weekend at WonderCon!

oh, and...
#4: Be back here again after the convention to tell us your favorite WonderCon stories and re-load with some new and cool comics!

See you soon!

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