Friday, February 10, 2006

WC in SF! Woo-hoo!

Had a great time at the first day of this year's WonderCon.

It's always fun to get caught up with friends and colleagues from the world of comics. The business end of comics is still small enough to have a community feel even as we all try to grow the business and take comics to ever-larger audiences.

There's so much to see at WonderCon this year. With the move to Moscone Center West (at 4th and Mission in SF, near the Metreon), it seems there's a new energy to the show. There was a big crowd today---even on one of the most glorious sunny days we'll ever see in The City.

I can only imagine how packed the convention hall will be tomorrow as director Bryan Singer shows off a few minutes of this summer's anticpated block-buster SUPERMAN RETURNS movie. Last year, BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale made his only convention appearance at WonderCon---and that was a late-announced surprise--- so I'm wondering if there will be more surprises tomorrow at WonderCon.

See ya in the funnies!

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