Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Releases' Day! Yowza---We Got Fun!

Tomorrow is Wednesday--- and you know what that means!

It's New Releases' Day at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff.
Mounds of new entertainment await you, including all of the items pictured here.

First up:
This is a cool and quirky title from Marvel, it's "CALVIN & HOBBES" meets the Marvel Super-Heroes. It's fun and funny, and readers of all ages will get a real kick out of this one.

GIANTKILLER by Dan Brereton.
This new collected edition gets special attention since one of the locales used in the story is none other than our own beloved Mount Diablo. Look for an announcement soon regarding a special GIANTKILLER event at Flying Colors!

Wow! Take a look at this brand new SILVER AGE BATMAN & ROBIN limited edition statue! Done in the inimitable style of Silver Age great Carmine Infantino, this statue is a great addition to any Dark Knight collector's Bat-cave!
Also brand-new this week are the "Women of the DC Universe" WONDER WOMAN bust and Bowen Designs' Modern Age Spider-Man statue.

Speaking of Spidey, no matter who your special Valentine is, pick up a copy of "I (Heart) Marvel: Web of Romance" featuring a new Spidey and Mary Jane story by Tom Beland (of TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD fame).
FLYING COLORS is featuring an enticing selection of Valentine-themed comics, making this a great time to pass your love of comics on to those you love on Valentine's Day!

There are many more cool items hitting the rack Wednesday morning, including the return to comics' writing of Paul Levitz in the pages of JSA #82. Paul's return to writing is given a spotlight feature in the Tuesday February 7 edition of the New York Times. What a way to return! On top of all the attention, the artist for this issue is long-time fan-favorite George Perez! Sounds like a no-brainer for the "buy" pile this week!

These items are just the tip of a really cool iceberg this week. So please come in and visit us.

WonderCon is this weekend at the Moscone Center in San Francisco---and we'll have advance tickets available (until they run out). You'll save a few bucks on each ticket getting them here in advance! And if you plan on going to WonderCon, I hope you'll sit in on Saturday afternoon at 6pm for a look back at the first 20 years of WonderCon, with my pals and former WonderCon partners Mike (Star*Reach) Friedrich and Bryan (Bongo) Uhlenbrock. We'll be telling some stories from the olden days of WonderCon---and we'll have some prizes for folks who ask the best questions! Be there!

Peace, y'all!

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