Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cool Comic Books for Manga Lovers!

Just a quick plug for a couple of comic titles that stand out from he crowd in an unusual way.

First is DC's new cartoon spin-off 'HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI' based on the popular Cartoon Network series. Ami and Yumi are huge pop music stars in Japan--- and now they're finding a big and enthusiastic audience in the U.S.

Fans of MANGA will really enjoy this series done in the more traditional American periodical comics' format, but with a manga-styled kick to the frenetic cartooning of Phil Moy. PUFFY AMI YUMI is also a really cool Japanese rock n roll duo--- they do the theme music to another immensely popular Cartoon Network feature-- TEEN TITANS GO!

There's also a Bay Area rock n roll connection to PUFFY AMI YUMI. Some of you may remember an insanely great band from the late '80s/early 90s from this area called JELLYFISH. Well, one of AMI & YUMI's primary songwriters and producers is none other than Andy Sturmer, the frontman for Jellyfish (and Beatnik Beatch) and former resident of Pleasanton CA. We've always been huge fans of Jellyfish here and Andy's connection to this J-Pop duo is very strong in the mix of their music. Check out their songs---and don't miss their new comic series, in stock now at FLYING COLORS, called HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI!

And for something to go right along with HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI, take a look at what Archie Comics has done with SABRINA the TEENAGE WITCH! Artist Tania Del Rio has taken SABRINA in a remarkably fresh and fun direction with manga-styled adventures. These comics may certainly have a strong appeal for a younger girls' audience, so keep them in mind for a little surprises for s special girl you know!

More cool stuff is on the way!

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