Thursday, February 16, 2006

TRUE STORY: Art Auction for CBLDF

Thanks to Tom Beland for making our New Releases' Day so much fun yesterday. Tom's getting lots of notice lately in the comics' world with stellar stories in Marvel's "I HEART MARVEL: WEB OF ROMANCE" and "SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED". Add to that Tom's creator owned and heart-warming, funny and sweet comic book called TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD--- and you've got a comic star on the rise.

Tom's visit gave us the opportunity to show off his work to more of the Flying Colors' faithful. Some of Tom's comics even became day-late (but still thoughtful) Valentines. He signed some comics and did a bunch of very cool (and free) sketches. In the pic here, you can see Flying Colors' Retailing Brigade member Brian with his soon to be bride Jen, both are getting another big laugh from one of Tom's stories.

One of the very cool things Tom left us with is an original page of art (and story) from the latest issue of TRUE STORY, plus a very cool convention "sketch". I put that in quotes because it's really a full page of original art with a one panel gag spoofing Tom's feelings of burn-out at the end of a long convention.

Flying Colors is now accepting bids on these two items together--- and ALL the money raised will go to benefit the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, a First Amendment advocacy group that does a lot of good work for the whole business and art-form of comics.

To bid on these two pieces (in one swell package), please give Joe a call (925-825-5410) or better yet, come by and see us--and see the art in person so you can make a better bid! The original page is pictured here, but please come in to see it up close and personal!
The auction open until Saturday February 25 at 7pm.
Current high bid for this auction of Tom Beland art is $135.

TRUE STORY: SWEAR TO GOD and Tom Beland's recent SPIDER-MAN stories get high recommendations from the whole staff at FLYING COLORS.


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