Saturday, November 26, 2005

New Flying Colors TV Ads!

The new Flying Colors TV ads are now posted on our site. Click on the "TV Ads" link on the left side of the screen to get to the page.

A couple of things about the ads:
•I want to thank all those who gave us testimonials on Free Comic Book Day to use in the ads. FCBD is always a lot of fun here and shooting the TV ads sure is a part of that fun.

• I want to thank Adams Digital Video at for doing the production. If you have a business in the Contra Costa area and are interested in doing some cable TV advertising, give Paul Adams a call.

• I particularly want to call attention to spot #4 featuring my daughter Jenny....and some of the gals who get their comics regularly at Flying Colors. We have a lot of comics gals of all ages and interests enjoy---several of them are cover-featured on Jenny's TV ad, so we hope you'll take note of them and check 'em out on your next visit to Flying Colors. Just ask Jenny for some great recommendations! This spot is currently playing during Cartoon Network's anime programming and on Adult Swim, by the way.

• I also want to thank my web-master, Alan Alvaro at for doing the work to get the web-site looking so good. Alan can do the same for you if you give him a call!

Repeat after me---
"When it happens in comics, it happens in FLYING COLORS!"

Peace, y'all!


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