Friday, November 25, 2005

Giving thanks...

Had a lovely and relaxed time with my family yesterday on Thanksgiving.

My wonderful wife Libby did most of the cooking but we did spend a good part of the day in the kitchen together. One small revelation about Thanksgiving and the traditional cooking of the turkey and preparation of the rest of the meal--- it takes time and care to put together a feast like the one we enjoyed.

Along with that time, though, are pieces of time that were open. Between turning the bird in the oven every half hour or so, between the time the turkey goes into the oven and when the final touches are put on the feast with the mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies (did I tell you just how amazing Libby's turkey stuffing is) and the pouring of the wine--- there are short stretches of open time.

I happily filled that time by talking with Libby and my daughters Jenny and Cindy. I filled the time by relaxing and reading some comics, by noodling on my piano and keyboard a few minutes here and there. I didn't stare at football games that are meaningless to me, I didn't plot my Black Friday early-morning-dark shopping tour (no way!) ---I simply enjoyed the rare day off with those I love the most. And I missed those who couldn't be present.

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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