Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Great Week for #1

A quick look at some of the debut issues hitting the racks at Flying Colors Wednesday morning---

• LOCAL #1 --- Brian (DEMO, DMZ) Wood's new series from ONI Press. Jenny (and the rest of the staff) will not let you leave the store without picking up this one!

• ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #1 --- Grant Morrison. Frank Quitely. In my estimation, this is where the run-up to the Summer '06 release of the new SUPERMAN movie starts.

• BATMAN & THE MONSTER MEN #1--- Matt Wagner writes. Matt Wagner illustrates. We all get something new and cool to enjoy.

• BOOKS OF DOOM #1--- Writer Ed Brubaker (GOTHAM CENTRAL, SLEEPER, LOWLIFE, CAPTAIN AMERICA) continues his emergence as one of Marvel's go-to writers. Really nice stuff.

• MAD KIDS #1 --- More than 50 years ago, Havery Kurtzman and Bill Gaines launched MAD MAGAZINE. Today, we get a new first issue from MAD---one that will still rankle parents with gross out humor and parody.

• THE THING #1--- From Marvel, everyone's favorite member of the FANTASTIC FOUR finally gets a new on-going series, written by Dan (SHE-HULK) Slott, dripping with funny stuff amid the action.

• TOMORROW STORIES SPECIAL #1--- OK, this one stretches the point of being a new first issue a bit, but it features excellent work by Alan Moore, Cameron Stewart and Kevin Nowlan, so you know it's going to be a good read.

• X-MEN DEADLY GENESIS #1--- The cover of the first issue of his series is a take-off of GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 from 1975, so the message is this title will shake things up as much as that classic comic from 30 years ago. Definitely worth a read.


Another short thought after DC's Retailer meeting in Montreal:
At Flying Colors, we really don't push our subscription service (the FLYING COLORS' SUB CLUB) all that hard, since we usually have a good stock of new comics and we're constantly re-ordering. But looking again at my notes from the meeting I just attended, I'd like to invite you to consider getting into the SUB CLUB.

There will be so many amazing new titles coming out in the next year that, frankly, I'm not sure if we'll order all of them right. To avoid quick sell-outs on popular titles---and to make sure to receive many of the lower-selling (but still amazingly good) titles from ALL publishers, take another look at the SUB CLUB. You can download all the info and a sign-up sheet at FlyingColorsComics.com under "Advance Orders".

Lots of great stuff is coming soon, so don't miss a thing!

Peace 'n' Comics---

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