Monday, November 28, 2005

In store Wednesday 11/30

If you were in the store over the last week or so, I may have told you that the shipment of comics would be delayed by the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, I want to tell you that is not the case---we WILL be receiving our regular shipment on-time and we'll be ready to go with some cool stuff on Wednesday at 11am.

Here's a few new and cool items that'll hit the comic racks at Flying Colors on Wednesday November 30 ---

• THE AMERICAN trade paperback from Dark Horse Comics. If you're a fan of the SMALLVILLE TV series like I am, some of the credit goes to the writing prowess of Mark Verheiden. THE AMERICAN is a compilation some of Verheiden's early work in comics. Good storytelling here!

• IMAGE COMICS Hardcover. Get ready for the earth to open up and swallow us all--- it's finally here! This is what was originally called the IMAGE COMICS 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL--- if it would have come out on time more than three years ago. Well, it's still full of good stuff for fans of the founders of Image Comics. There's the final fate of CyberForce by Marc Silvestri, the future of ShadowHawk by Jim Valentino, the origin of Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen--- and get this, a new Spawn story, hang on now--- actually drawn by creator Todd McFarlane!

• WALKING DEAD Volume 4. Everyone's favorite zombie epic is collected in a new trade paperback called "Hearts Desire."

• MARVEL MASERWORKS FANTASTIC FOUR Vol. 9. Nearing the end of the classic Lee-Kirby run on this seminal title, comics just don't get a whole lot better than this!

• NEW AVENGERS #13. Finally the identity of the Ninja is revealed. Maybe not the stunning turn of events some had hoped for, but this title continues to be a fun read.

• WONDER WOMAN #223. An INFINITE CRISIS tie-in, as Wonder Woman tries to save Paradise Island from an attack of OMACs (for a translation of this fan-oriented synopsis, go to and click on "Crisis Counseling").

Lots more stuff coming in---be sure to ask us for some recommendations!
And remember, we do gift certificates!

Peace 'n' Comics!

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