Monday, December 19, 2005

Cool Stuff without the Mall Hassles!

It's been more than a week since I last posted here. yes, I've been out shopping (a bit), but I've also been hit with a case of bronchitis that has me sounding more like Barry White than my regular old self.

'Tis the season, I suppose...

So I've got a spare moment here for a bit of last minute pitching. If you'd like to avoid the crush of crowds at the big box stores and the malls, I invite you to FLYING COLORS for a still-comfortable shopping atmosphere. We're not running Christmas music from open to close, either--- a little here and a little there, but not 24/7.

And we still have a store full of really great gifts---and several more shipments of godies yet to come in this week. Here are a few things that would make for some cool little stocking stuffers:

THE BEST OFTHE SPIRIT by Will Eisner and others. DC Comics is still publishing Eisner's classic SPIRIT series in its classy ARCHIVES editions. Well, here at last is a great introduction to this terrific character. Here's our offer: When you buy THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT trade paperback here---and you love it so much that you'll want to step up the hardcover SPIRIT ARCHIVES, simply bring the BEST OF back and we will credit you for the fullpurchase amount toward one of the SPIRIT ARCHIVES. Cool deal, huh?

WIMBLEDON GREEN: GREATEST COMIC BOOK COLLECTOR IN THE WORLD by Seth. The cartoonist behind PALOOKAVILLE tells a tale from his sketchbook that will illuminate some of the idiosynchracies of collectors and their collecting passions. It's a graphic novella that's sure to be up for a number of comic art awards in the coming months.

FLYING COLORS has a good selection of comics-related t-shirts in stock and ready for gift-giving. Two of the newer styles are XAVIER INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER LEARNING, emblazoned with the familar X shield and the DAILY BUGLE staff reporter t-shirt. These are great looking shirts even for those who may not be aware that the XAVIER INSTITUTE is where new mutants are trained and that the DAILY BUGLE is famous as the place where Peter Parker's photos of Spider-Man were first published. In adults sizes S, M, L, XL (all $17.95) and XXL ($20.95).
Lots of other cool shirts in stock, too!

And of course we have a lot of holiday themed comics ready to be dropped into stocking this week! some of the titles include the most recent issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED (pictured here), WALT DISNEY'S CHRISTMAS PARADE (featuring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse), SANTA: MY LIFE & TIMES (a beautiful book that likely won't fit into a stocking!), IMAGE HOLIDAY SPECIAL (some very fun stuff here!) and the MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL and GLX-Mas SPECIAL (also from Marvel).

As for hoilday themed "other cool stuff", we have Batman, Superman and Green Lantern ornament sets, with Rocky and Bullwinkle ornaments coming in this Wednesday.

There's a big load of cool new comics coming in this week, too. Here are just a few highlights---
* JUSTICE #3 by superstar artist Alex Ross and friends.
* SPAWN Collection Volume One from Todd McFarlane, a compilation of the first several SPAWN stores from the early '90s.
* ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK #1. What makes this one stand out is this is the first comics work from the creator of TV's "LOST", Damon Lindelhof!

Open hours:
Tuesday 12/20 11am-7pm
Wednesday 12/21 11am-8pm (New Releases Day!)
Thursday 12/22 11am-7pm
Friday 12/23 11am-7pm
Saturday 12/24 10am-6pm

Hope to see you soon!

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