Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Eve Update!

FLYING COLORS COMICS & Other Cool Stuff will be open Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve, from 10am - 6pm.

We're ready to help you with a ton of last minute cool gifts.
Flying Colors' Retailing Brigade members Mike and Andy will be on hand all day, and I will, too. Jenny will be here mid-day (Noon-4pm).

We all have our own specialties at Flying Colors, so if you want to request some special help, here are a few clues:
* MIKE loves and really knows STAR WARS and all sci-fi, along with the classic art of Alex Raymond, Al Williamson and the rest of the old EC crew. I know one of Mike's big gift picks is the COMPLETE CALVIN & HOBBES (as of right now, we have just two copies left in stock!).

* ANDY can tell you all you need to know about collectible card games, Dungeons and Dragons and our vast MANGA section. He'll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

* JENNY recommends a wide variety of graphic novels. If you are a comics' fan, but your "significant other' is not--- Jenny's the one to talk to. Let her suggest a gift or two for the readers on your gift list!

* JOE knows a lot about comics, but less every day! One of the best parts of this job is nurturing new comics' readers--- of virtually all ages, and a well-placed holiday gift may be just what's needed to make a reluctant comics' reader a full-fledged regular.

(Joe also highly recommends the ROCKY & BULLWINKLE Holiday Ornaments Set. He'll even give you his fairly accurate vocal impression of Bullwnkle J. Moose--- but don't let that scare you away!)

So please let FLYING COLOLRS assist you with finding the appropriate gift for everyone on your last-minute list. In many cases, we will make our recommendations with "full satisfaction" guarantees because we want all of readers to keep coming back for more cool stuff every week!

Pax Vobiscum!


(We will be closed Sunday December 25, Christmas Day--- and then we'll be back in action on Monday December 26, open from 11am-7pm.)
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