Monday, September 18, 2006


No one responded to my plea for help with how to post a video on this blog, so after some searching, I figured the best way to show you some videos here is to post direct links to .

Careful, though, because is a *very* addictive site. You can find lots of rare bits of video from your favorite musicians and groups, old commericals and public service announcements including WILLIE MAYS' famous '60s spot telling kids to stay away from blasting caps! There's a lot of good old sports footage, news clips and other random oddities.

Add to that are the two videos I recently added:

Video #1 is the very short piece from Brian and Jen's wedding reception. See it HERE!

Video #2 is a PAN & SCAN of FLYING COLORS, taken with the video feature on my cheapo little digital camera. Really, the store looks a lot better in person. That's an invitation for you to come by soon to see for yourself! See the video HERE!

Peace y'all!

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