Monday, September 11, 2006


If things seem just a little bit quieter around Flying Colors for the next couple of weeks, there's a happy reason for it. Brian will be taking a couple of weeks off to spend time with his bride! Saturday September 9, Flying Colors' own Brian tied the knot with his One True Love, the ever-cute and always-stylish Jen (who many of you will recognize from her helping us out each year on Free Comic Book Day).

I'm posting a couple of pix here from the festivities--- at left is a photo of Brian & Jen making their official entrance after the wedding ceremony. What a great party it was, too! There were probably 150 or so in attendance---and all had a wonderful time with lots, I mean LOTS, of laughing, dancing, and a little bubbly, too.

The whole event really hit me in profound ways. Not only do I care a great deal about Brian and Jen and want great things for their new life together, but the wedding hit me as another example of how FLYING COLORS is maybe just a bit more than just a place where people buy "comics & other cool stuff".

At the wedding and reception, in addition to all of Brian' family and all of Jen's family (and a really nice group they all are!), there were two full tables of Brian & Jen's FLYING COLORS' Family---including most of my family, our current store staff and a number of Flying Colors' Faithful. It made me realize and appreciate that we're not only a business, but we're also a community of our own.

This photo of the Flying Colors' portion of the reception is not a great quality shot--- I must have the world's worst digital camera--- but it does capture all of us together, late in the reception party and all having a great time (come to think of it, maybe that's why most of my photos were somehwat blurry...).

Thanks to Brian's family, the Hodgkinsons---and thanks to Jen's family, the Zaros, for allowing my family and the Flying Colors' family to be a part of this celebration.

Peace, all!


PS: Last thing: I have a short and great piece of video from the wedding reception currently on my computer desktop, but I honestly have no clue how to post it here. Hopefully, I'll find out in the next day or so. If not, I may just post it to (an incredibly addictive web-site).
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