Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Comics In The Classroom!

One of the wonderful things happening with comics lately is the use of comics and graphic novels in educational environments. Teachers, library staff and tutors everywhere are realizing how powerful the comics' medium is in getting new readers of literally ALL ages excited about reading.

We live in a visually drenched culture, so it only makes sense to teach using visuals. Comics are very powerful for exercising the interpretive and cognitive skills of readers. It's with that introduction I'd like to direct your web-browser to a site called Comics In The Classroom.
Parents, teachers, library staff will all be able to find good information and some solid recommendations at the Comics In The Classroom site.
And now, the FLYING COLORS Retailing Brigade checks in with our Picks of the Week!

Mike: JONAH HEX TP Volume One
Brian: PRIDE OF BAGHDAD graphic novel
Jenny: KLEZMER: Tales of the Wild East graphic novel
Ed: DMZ #11
Chris: LOVE & ROCKETS #17

And for those of you hanging on CIVIL WAR, this week there are several CW tie-ins, including CIVIL WAR FILES, MS MARVEL, CIVIL WAR #2 McNiven Sketch Variant and CIVIL WAR #1 Captain America Unleashed cover!

So what's your favorite comic this week?


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