Wednesday, July 19, 2006

San Diego--- Day One

Libby and I got into San Diego early this morning at 1am, a few hours later than scheduled, but Southwest Airlines (and I guess other airlines, too) had a huge glitch in the system that played havoc on timeliness. Libby and I passed the time in the airport bar, watching a tense Giants' victory over the Brewers. Had I been on the plane, I would have been wondering how the game was going anyway, so the delay worked pretty well for me.

Our room at the Hyatt is just amazing--- a corner almost-suite that has glorious views of San Diego Bay, Coronado Island and the harbor. Take a look.

Today, our first day here for the annual San Diego Comic-Con, was really a vacation day, as we took it very easy this morning (getting in after 1am will do that to you). We took in our first Padres' game at Petco Park, watching the Phillies come from behind against future Hall-of-Famer Trevor Hoffman with a 9th inning win. Coupled with the Giants 9th inning comeback win--- and all of a sudden this weekend's Giants vs Padres series at the Phone Booth in SF really means something. MAybe this is when Los Gigantes finally go on a five or six game win streak?

And the A's won, too! What a good day for this Bay Area baseball fan!

In comics' news, today was a day of cameo appearances. I saw Sergio Aragones from a short distance while I waited in the Professional Registration line (I need to thank him in person for the wonderful birthday Groo sketch he did for me). I saw Peter David waiting in the same line I was, but he was about a half-hour ahead of me. He probably dreamed up 20 new stories waiting in line while I just stood there. I talked for a brief while with Comic Relief's (and my friend) Rory Root and Image Comics Eric Stephenson. I saw lots of characters, but really only the tip of the iceberg. Come tomorrow, San Diego will be knee-deep in wonderful characters of all types. More than 100, 000 of them...

Tomorrow is a business day on the convention floor, dealing with vendors, picking up orders, finding new and cool things for Flying Colors' faithful.

More soon!

Peace 'n' Comics!

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