Friday, July 21, 2006

The Future of Comics---San Diego Day 3

Friday was another wonderful day at Comic-Con. For some reason unknown even to me, I was in charge of organizing the programming for retailers at this year's Comic-Con. Since I am nominally the president of ComicsPRO, the national retailer trade organization (, I want to do what I can to be of help to retailers, whether they are long-time industry veterans or not quite ready but dreaming of opening their first store.

This first shot gives you a small idea of the hugeness of Comic-Con. Many of the largest exhibitors spend as much on their "islands" as most comic book retailers sell in a year. I'd guess there are some displays that cost in the range of $500,000 or more! There's tons of eye candy for as far as anyone can see here.
OK, so back to retailer stuff...

After an 8am breakfast hosted by Diamond Comic Distributors, the retailer programming started at 10:30am with a session full of ideas on new products presented by Mimi Cruz of Night Flight Comics (Salt Lake City, UT) and Nancy McCann o Comics Unlimited (Westminster, CA). I really appreciate Nancy and Mimi being the lead-off hitters for retailer programming. There was a full slate of other panels throughout the day, culminating in the popular "So You Want To Be A Comics Retailer".

Here's a pic of future retailers raising their hands saying they want to get into this crazy and fun business of bringing great comics entertainment to more people in more places all over North America---and the world!!

Thanks to my panel mates--- Joe Ferrara (Atlantis Fantasyworld, Santa Cruz CA), Dave Hawksworth (Diamond Dist), John Munn (Comic Book Ink, Tacoma WA) and Matt Price (Speeding Bullet Comics, Norman OK) for all their good advice to those looking to open a comic book specialty store.

Now it's on to the Eisner Awards!
More soon!!

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