Thursday, July 20, 2006

It Takes Every Kind of People-- San Diego Day 2

Continuing my marathon through the San Diego Comic- Con, today was a day of meetings, working behind the scenes and seeing lots of friends in the business and art of comics.
This first photo is priceless, though. It's not every day you see members of the Justice League---Flash, Wonder Woman, that's Aquaman's arm, there's the Spectre (at first glance I thought it was the Confessor from Astro City, but it's really a headscratch-inducing version of the Huntress)--- waiting patiently for the directions of a crossing guard at a cross-walk. This sight is really not all that rare here---as so many fans become their favorite characters, escaping the "real world" and diving head-long into the fun found at Comic-Con.

This shot is the ever-lovely Libby finding something from our current favorite TV show, LOST! It's true that Hollywood has a huge presence here, some TV shows make their public debuts here. Movie people are all over the convention center offering deals to comic creators, some studios have massive set-ups that are mini-conventions in and of themselves.

But my revelation is not about how Comic-Con is no longer about comics and has sold out to Hollywood. Rather, it's about how Hollywood has come to the comics' world, mining the comics' medium for many of its most attractive ideas, talented creators and lasting images. Creatively, comics are at an all-time high, while Hollywood is more about borrowing some of the best ideas from the far more fertile imaginations found in the comics' biz.

Today was a day of meetings--and one of those I met for the first time was Free Comic Book Day's primary contact at Diamond Comic Distributors, Elissa Lynch. The whole Diamond team really goes to the max for FCBD (the industry's primary outreach promotion), so everyone there deserves kudos, and Elissa did some wonderful work to get tremendous publicity for FCBD in its 5th big year.

More to come! Oh, yeah--- LOTS more!

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