Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surprise Event--- Saturday April 13

There's been so much talk recently about the content of DC Comics' BATMAN & RED ROBIN #19! It looks like there may be a new Robin in town...

So we got the (last minute) idea to invite back to Flying Colors our friend and artist MICK GRAY who is a key component of the BATMAN & ROBIN creative team.

Join us here at Flying Colors this Saturday April 13 at 1pm to get your copies of BATMAN & RED ROBIN #19 signed by inker/artist Mick Gray! We'll be talking about what's going on in the world of BATMAN, what's in store for this series and just having a good time talking comics. Hey, that's what we do here!

This event will also be a great time to visit Flying Colors to see our selection of specially priced hardcover and softcover graphic novels! We recently scored a terrific deal from Marvel Comics on a number of hardcover books that we're able to sell to you at as much as 75% off their cover prices!

Plus, we have temporarily expanded our section of Bargain Books and will have a very enticing deal for you this Saturday!

See you soon!



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