Sunday, April 14, 2013

EAST of WEST Artist Nick Dragotta @ Flying Colors 4/24

The Retailing Brigade at Flying Colors Comics is pleased to announce we'll be hosting artist NICK DRAGOTTA on Wednesday April 24 from 5pm-8pm.

Nick is the artist on the new hit series from Image Comics, EAST of WEST, a sci-fi western, written by Jonathan Hickman. That creative team is familiar to those who follow Marvel's FF series.

Nick has a great body of work on such books as Marvel's X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl, X-Men First Class, The Age of the Sentry, Captain America, Fantastic Four and many others.

Nick will be at Flying Colors on the first day of release for the second issue of EAST of WEST. In addition, Flying Colors will have a limited number copies of EAST of WEST #1 (and the Ghost Variant for #1, shown here).

Wednesday is also New Releases Day at Flying Colors, so we invite you to the Nick Dragotta signing and check out all the great new stuff coming in that day, too. Some refreshments will also be served.

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